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Young and Rich Daddy

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Young and Rich Daddy

Ten or fifteen years ago you had to go out of your way to get to meet a young and rich daddy as women. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to become a sugar babe and get a young and rich daddy. By simply using some websites and creating a full and engaging profile, you can quickly come in contact with dozens of gorgeous and generous men and one of them will be lucky enough to become your young and rich daddy. For women who have never experienced sugar dating before, it might all seem a mere fantasy.

But I’m here to tell you it’s not. Being a sugar babe and having a young and rich daddy or sugar dad comes with dozens of advantages. There is the thrill of luxurious shopping – no designer bag or designer shoes will ever be out of reach for women. Weekend getaways will become something ordinary. A luxurious, state of the art new apartment paired with a super-fast convertible are just some of the perks sugar girls get to enjoy once they start dating their young and rich daddy.

But not all women are so lucky as to get their hands on a young and rich daddy. Only elite women who know how to carry a conversation, how to make themselves enjoyable and how to dress and accessorise according to the occasion can rise to the top and get a young and rich daddy. It is only the select few who will get to enjoy the company of a young and rich daddy, as well as all the gifts that will follow.

To give you a glimpse into what it takes as women to find and fascinate a young and rich daddy, we’ve put together this handy ultimate guide. These tips and tricks will help you set up your online profile, know how to handle any type of conversation and prepare for the first date to get a young and rich daddy. Remember that only the elite gets to enjoy the affection of rich men, so don’t shy away from working hard to make yourself noticed and liked.

Young and Rich Daddy

How to Set up Your Profile for Young and Rich Daddy

There are dozens of women out there competing for the same young and rich daddy who wont retire. What do you have that makes you stand out of the crowd? What do you have to offer that will make you want to take you out for dinner instead of anyone else?

It all starts with a cleverly designed profile. Use your imagination and creativity to make a young and rich daddy stop in his tracks. A young and rich daddy knows an intelligent women when he sees one. Think of your sugar girl online profile as your one-time chance to make a first great impression for a job interview. Now it’s not the time to play coy, be modest or shy. As Beyonce would put it, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Use your online profile to prove your young and rich daddy that you are anything a man could ever want (and more): intelligent, beautiful, sexy, passionate, reading books (for example from kiyosaki), having money and be witty women. This might seem like a tough job, but you can make it all work to your advantage. If possible, upload a few pictures of yourself, as they will help you complete your profile and your future young and rich daddy will be able to put a face to a name.

They don’t say a photo is worth a thousand words for nothing. It does have a powerful impact on your profile and can easily decide if women get to meet your young and rich daddy or not. For your profile picture, you will want to go with a portrait. If possible, book a photo session with a professional photographer so you can have a few gorgeous looking pictures of yourself. Ask him to take some portraits that should focus on your eyes and lips. Minimal, subtle makeup will should your young and rich daddy that you don’t rely on makeup to cover up your entire face, but rather that you know how to use it cleverly to enhance your natural beauty.

Young and Rich Daddy

If you can add more photos to your profile, choose some that represent who you are as women and your values to the young and rich daddy. These can also include a few glimpses of your hobbies (running, swimming, hiking etc).

Once you’ve decided on your pictures, add as much information to your profile as possible. Let your young and rich sugar daddy know you’re confident, smart and funny, which will make you stand out from dozens of other women. Try to be straightforward, but sprinkle a few jokes on your profile better than other women. Don’t try to pass as someone else, but be yourself and emphasise your qualities. You’re unique for one reason. Remember that it’s ok to talk about your achievements and even mention some goals, but don’t overdo it, as you risk coming across as aloof, which might put off your young and rich daddy.

Finish off your profile with an enticing, flirty sentence, that will urge a young and rich daddy to drop women a line. This can be anything funny or even naughty, but don’t make it something you wouldn’t say in the real world. Acting as the femme fatale is just that: an act that can easily unravel at any time. It’s better and safer to just be yourself. This way, you can rest assured you will attract a young and rich daddy that is compatible with you, which will lead to a fruitful relationship and heaps of fun and adventures.


How to Catch His Eye 
If you already have a sugar girl online profile set up and you’re waiting for a young and rich daddy to come along, but he doesn’t seem to show up, there might be something off putting on your page. Could it be the photos or the information you added? Could there be any grammatical errors in your About section?

As mentioned before, only elite women get the chance to meet and ultimately date a young and rich daddy. These men are highly sophisticated, intelligent and part of the elite. They are looking for elite women who can match their lifestyle, which is why their ideal sugar babe has flawless conversational skills and always looks impeccable. Your online profile is your mirror, so grammatical errors or awkward formulations will fail to help your case.

Young and Rich Daddy

Try to clean up your profile and add an element that will catch his eye. This can be a stunning photo taken by a professional photographer or a humorous anecdote about yourself. Put in every effort necessary to make yourself stand out of the crowd. It will be worth it in the end when you will receive the much-awaited message from your young and rich daddy.

How to Talk Online
As soon as you receive that first message from your young and rich daddy, you have to think twice about anything you want to say. Online messages online fail to transmit what you’re really trying to say. Try to get his phone number as quickly as possible. You are more likely to start dating a young and rich daddy after he has heard your voice on the phone than after you have texted on a website. Men are easily attracted to a woman’s voice, so press for that phone number as soon as the second day after you’ve started chatting. It will make your communication channels smoother and it will increase your chances of starting your relationship with your young and rich daddy.

How to Prepare for the First Date with Young and Rich Daddy
If you have reached this step, it means you have done several things well: you have set up a smashing online profile that caught his eye and prompted him to write you a message. After that, you made him curious enough to want to ask for your phone number and now you’re going on a date tonight! As exciting and unreal as it might feel, you should leave your anxiety at home. If you’ve come this far, you can rest assured that he’s interested in getting to meet you and spend time together. Provided your online profile was filled with candid information, he was probably attracted by something you two have in common. Use this as an ice breaker, and let the conversation flow by itself from there on.

Prior to getting to see your young and rich daddy for the first time, try to find out a few things about him. What does he do for a living? Where does he live? What’s his favourite restaurant? What does he like to do on his spare time? Whenever possible, write down this information, as it will help you prepare for the big night.

Young and Rich Daddy

There’s nothing more awkward than not knowing what to talk about, especially on the first date. You might both be feeling a bit shy and awkward, so it would be useful if you could come to rescue and bring up a topic that interests him. This could be something related to his job or one of his hobbies. This is where research comes in play. If he tells you he is a big fan of basketball, read up on the latest games and familiarise yourself with a few players. This will help you later on in the conversation. If you can’t remember all this, simply ask him to explain the rules of the game – you’ll immediately see how his eyes light up and he’ll feel more relaxed talking about things he knows and is passionate about.

With conversation topics covered, you should also take care of your appearance. Sure, your young and rich daddy will expect you to be a smooth talker, but he will also like to date a gorgeous sugar babe. Beauty is a mix of confidence and style. If you feel good about yourself, you will be able to tackle any situation and your skin will be glowing.

To prepare for the night date, start pampering yourself in the morning. Tend to your pedicure and manicure, get a facial, wash a hair and get a blow dry. You will feel like a million dollars, and he will think so too. Take the time to prep your skin, as you want it to be silky smooth and inviting. Dress accordingly: not too formal, but not too casual either. You want to come across as chic and sophisticated, so your best bet is a little black dress. This is timeless and refined, so your young and rich daddy will know you are one classy lady.

Keep your makeup neutral and don’t do anything crazy, as it might put him off. There’s nothing more off-putting than a smudged heavy eyeliner or flaky red lipstick. Opt for a classic look that will beautifully enhance your natural features and will polish off the little black dress look.

Young and Rich Daddy

Don’t go heavy handed with the perfume either and definitely leave bulky accessories at home.

How to Keep Young and Rich Daddy Interested
One of the most commonly asked questions by sugar girls is how to keep your young and rich daddy interested after you’ve been dating a few months. It might seem hard, but, in reality, it’s simpler than you might think. To make yourself irresistible and desirable, never show all of your cards! It’s that simple. Try to be a bit mysterious, but without overdoing it. Show your sugar daddy you have a separate life besides him and let him know you have fun with your friends when you’re not together.

Don’t dismiss your hobbies only because you’ve found your sugar daddy. Let him yearn for you, even if this might imply cutting some dates short or getting ready to go home when you two are still having a good time. The reason behind this is simple: if you leave him pining for you, he won’t have time to get bored or grow tired of you. Try not to seem desperate to hang out and make it clear you don’t hang around all day waiting for him to call you and invite you to dinner.