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What’s a Sugar Babe


What’s a Sugar Babe?- impressions


What’s a sugar babe? As more people become aware of the sugar lifestyle, we hear the question more often. There are as many answers as there are women looking for their sugar daddies.

What’s a Sugar Babe?

A sugar babe is an attractive woman who looks for relationships with men who can support her in exchange for her company. She is not looking for love but for financial support, a more luxurious lifestyle, or access to his network of rich and powerful friends. She is clear-eyed about what she wants from a potential sugar daddy and what the limits are to her role in his life. She is not a romantic fool.

What’s a sugar babe otherwise? She is fun to be with, making sure her sugar daddy enjoys the time he spends with her. She looks after herself immaculately to maintain the glamorous image in her sugar daddy’s mind. She upholds her end of the relationship, and is prepared to end it if her needs change.What's a Sugar Babe

If That’s What’s a Sugar Babe, What’s Not a Sugar Babe?

A sugar babe is not running a business. She is not selling her time, but giving it as a gift to her sugar daddy who gives her a gift of money in return. A sugar babe is not only keeping her sugar daddy physically attracted to her, but also she is keeping his mind interested in her. She is the complete package, not a casual acquaintance he can throw into the gutter.

There is some social stigma about sugar babes. People often imagine them as predators preying on vulnerable men, but that is unfair and not true of most. What’s a sugar babe, at her core? She is not common, not tawdry, and not for sale.

What’s a Sugar Babe? Not So Different From Other Women

Everybody has advantages in life and in love. Some people have money, beauty, or intelligence. The luckiest people have it all, but everyone else has disadvantages too. To survive, humans trade the things they have lots of for the things they need.

The most important answer to the question “What’s a sugar babe?” is that she is in a romantic relationship essentially the same as any other. In every relationship, both partners have something to give and something they need. In non-sugar dating, it might be as simple as having love to give and needing love. In sugar dating, it might be that the sugar daddy has money but needs company and the sugar babe has good looks and charm but needs money.What’s a sugar babe? She’s a woman who knows exactly what her relationship is. How many non-sugar daters can say that?