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i want a sugar baby

i want a sugar baby -a sugardaddy is looking for the perfect sugarbaby!

After going through a complicated divorce, I felt emotionally exhausted. I was 49 years old, and pubs and clubs just didn’t have the same feel like a few decades ago. And there I was, walking through the streets of London, packed with good looking ladies, thinking about how to make a new start. I didn’t really think I want a sugar baby, neither was I familiar with the concept at the time. Sometimes I would catch a naughty glimpse from a random pretty girl younger than my kids. I would be somewhat embarrassed, as while I certainly didn’t feel old, I could have biologically been her daddy. Is it even socially acceptable to strike a conversation? And then I found a solution – Facebook. Or so I thought. Every girl feels protected while chatting online, so maybe they wouldn’t mind meeting a wealthy genuine gentleman. Being rich is what most of them dream about, isn’t it? I was by no means ultra rich, but I knew that I was reasonably wealthy by most people’s standards. So I joined the digital era hype, found the best photo of myself, and created the profiles on every social media site in existence. I also added a few pieces of extra info to my profiles, namely the photo of my car, my job description, and my address. By doing so, I secretly admitted to myself that as the time passes, it becomes less about who you are and more about what you have. While this cold-blooded introspection didn’t bring me any immediate luck, it was my first step to understanding that I want a sugar baby, more so than a regular date.

I am rich, wealthy, and have a social media profile – so ladies please date me

In a few weeks time, I’ve had a couple of hundred nice and pretty ladies as friends on Facebook. But this was the thing of the new generations – an online jungle which I didn’t understand well enough. As I watched the list of my new lady friends thinking it was a catalog of my prospective partners, I understood very little about why are they on the social media, what do they want there, and especially why they added my profile to their favorite’s list. The conversations I had there were casual and shallow. The girls were flirty, but never showed any real intention to connect. They were there just to socialize. Just like the name says – those were primarily social sites, not dating sites. What I didn’t understand about this new mode of communication that evolved unnoticeably, was that the girls there had rich social lives offline and that social media were there to somehow complement their offline relationships. So if she added me as a friend, the reason would mostly be to build as large list of friends as possible, which could be seen by the people who really mattered – her offline, real-life friends. Those girls were rich in their own way. After a few months, I gave up the social media. Then I found the site, which allows to you to meet the sugar babies – young ladies who like older, wealthy men. I thought that maybe I want a sugar baby, but then I turned to regular dating sites. This seemed like a more viable option. It was here that I actually got a date. So, the dating site lived up to my expectations. I met Jenny, who agreed to a night out after a few days of chat. I was not quite her daddy but I was fifteen years her senior. It seemed that she didn’t mind the age difference. I am an old-style gentleman, I know how to make a lady feel appreciated. But while she enjoyed the evening of movies, a long walk and a dinner in a nice restaurant, she had second thoughts about whether she wanted to continue seeing me or not. All this effort, hours spent online, then a dinner and again nothing. Then I met another girl, Chloe, who told me: ” You know, Brian, I think you might be just a little old for me. You are only a little younger than my daddy.” So there I was again, standing and thinking. I was certain that plenty of women out there would be happy to date me, but where should I go to find them? And to tell the truth, I do have a taste. I like young and pretty ladies. Just like I think I have a lot to offer to a girl, I like a girl who has a lot to offer to me. I drove in my Porsche through the streets of London, hoping that maybe a pretty random bypasser may chat with me at the traffic light. Whatever I did, people just seemed to be preoccupied with their lives, and I wasn’t creating any relationships. Perhaps it was time to consider looking for those girls who looked for me – a rich, mature guy, somebody who might resemble their daddy, or play a daddy figure in their lives. So I decided that I want a sugar baby – a girl who knows what she wants. I want a sugar baby because being wealthy was supposed to be a ticket to good things in life. And an ambition in young women is a good thing. By being a sugar daddy to younger women, I could not only enjoy their company but also contribute to their lives in a meaningful manner.

i want a sugar baby

i want a sugar baby

I want a sugar baby – a matter-of-factly relationship

I admit it, I am not really romantic. I am a total gentleman when it comes to dating, but I think that I have outgrown the feelings. Why do I want a sugar baby? When I dated those girls whom I met on the dating sites, I was put off by the fact that they were uncertain what they wanted in life, whom they wanted to be with. I want a sugar baby because I might be a few years older, but nonetheless charming, rich, wealthy, and driving a Porsche. While those dates were not a complete waste of time as I always enjoy a pretty company, they were not leading to anything more than a dinner in a restaurant. When I understood that I want a sugar baby, I logged on to again and went for a search. So it happened, I was about to go for a business trip to Prague, Czech republic. The website allows you to contact the girls worldwide. Sugar dating is not prostitution, although the girls are there to date the rich for their money, there is no obligation for either side. At least here I could find the girls who appreciated my Porsche and my daddy-like age. I might not be romantic, but I can offer a lot of care and attention. Wealthy people can often withdraw from the interaction with the general public so the others don’t use them for their cash. I didn’t mind being generous with the right person, so I want a sugar baby and actually had some pleasure in offering a share of my rich lifestyle. Being wealthy doesn’t mean you only have to socialize with other wealthy people – the young aspiring talent can often make an exciting company. I want a sugar baby who strives to achieve something in life and understands that a sugar daddy can help her to achieve her dreams. So, on my trip to Prague, I hooked up with Hana, a beauty in her early twenties. We went to some trendy nightclubs. I felt young again, and she felt rich in my company. She even inquired about moving to London with me. I thought for a second, but then I told her that I want a sugar baby in Prague, and I want a sugar baby in London, and maybe I want a sugar baby in Liverpool where I visit my aunt and uncle frequently. She laughed. She had no emotional baggage, just enjoyed the time spent together. She wanted a sugar daddy to help her finish the university. I knew that by being her sugar daddy I was helping a young person do something meaningful – just what being a daddy is supposed to be about, isn’t it? When I returned to London I again felt I want a sugar baby. I am rich and I can afford it, so why not? Why I want a sugar baby is not just for sex. I enjoy the respect I get from her. This opened a new world of possibilities. The next date was just a few clicks of a mouse away on

Rich “daddy” and the girls who don’t waste their time

I kept dating and dating for some time. I enjoyed this “daddy” role thoroughly. The look of appreciation from a working class girl when she is brought to a luxury hotel for the first time is priceless. Olivia didn’t just dream of being rich – she dreamt wide awake. She also craved a daddy figure in her life, as her father passed away when she was a kid. I did my best to be the best “daddy” I could possibly be to her. I found her an easy office job, took her to luxury resorts for weekends, showed her what rich lifestyle can be like. She represented everything why I want a sugar baby, she was young, pretty in need of help and happy to be around. Sometimes I want a sugar baby just for sex, but Olivia was different. She really looked up to me. However, I didn’t fall into a trap of becoming emotionally attached. Sugar daddy relationships are not meant to be serious. So, just to find more variety, I regularly went to to meet new girls. A wealthy and not so old guy in a Porsche dominated the scene – I was a daddy in demand. I wanted these sugar babies so I that can experience what it is like to have multiple girlfriends. Brothels were never my thing – the women there feel like purchased goods. Being a “daddy” was different – it had a sense of having a real relationship. Whenever I want a sugar baby – a new girl was there on demand. This also suited my busy schedule and my frequent travels. Now it wasn’t only Liverpool that I was about to conquer – I want a sugar baby in Munich, I want a sugar baby in Oslo, and I want a sugar baby in every city I visited. The things I do when I want a sugar baby vary from dining at the expensive destinations, paying her bills and scholarship fees, to simply handing her over some cash to help her deal with the life’s difficulties. A real “daddy” thing to do. The site had an endless supply of young beauties. I didn’t waste any time flirting like on the social media sites. The girls at knew what they wanted. And I want a sugar baby to enjoy every moment of our companionship just like I did. Now I felt was really getting rich, as I made a difference in many lives. Playing a daddy figure to so many girls has brought me an entirely new perspective from which to view life, the world, and my relationships. There really are many women out there every day, somewhere, who might just wait for somebody like you. And you walk pass each other and don’t communicate. Why I want a sugar baby and “daddy” relationship is to bridge that distance and to connect with young and pretty ladies at will. And the girls have enjoyed the experience too. They made me feel good about myself and want more from life. Through this experience, I have learned first hand that while a man in his fifties might not have the capability for teenage-style affection, he might enjoy pragmatic relationships with young ladies designed to suit both people involved. And you never know, the emotions might occasionally get involved as well.