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U Can Be My Sugar Daddy

U Can Be My Sugar Daddy

What will it take to find a sugar daddy? What does a man need for him to be allowed to sweeten your life? You can’t simply walk around Knightsbridge and say “Hey, over here gorgeous! U can be my sugar daddy” and it’s probably equally frowned upon to set up a radio show, U Can Be My Sugar Daddy FM. Although I think it’d get a lot of listeners. So what can you do?

 U Can Be My Sugar Daddy

 U Can Be My Sugar Daddy , Darling

At some social events, it is acceptable to approach an eligible man and announce “u can be my sugar daddy”. Not as soon as you’ve met him obviously, but after a chat and once you’ve checked out his credentials. If he ticks the right boxes, imagine you’re interviewing him on U Can Be My Sugar Daddy FM, then go for it. Pop that question and see if he’ll become your sugar daddy.

Rich and Powerful? Good. U Can Be My Sugar Daddy.

Make sure the interview hits all the right questions. Rich and powerful? U can be my sugar daddy. Own teeth? U can be my sugar daddy. Like to spend, spend, spend? U can be my sugar daddy.

Hey, Good Looking. U Can Be My Sugar Daddy.

Are looks important to you? If they are then you need to check these prior to and whilst interviewing. Luckily this can initially be done from afar. You can check the overall package from a distance before moving in closer and getting a close up. A close up is important. Viewing from a distance will only get you so far. It can be difficult to spot a wig or hair implants from a distance. Equally, it can be tricky to differentiate between false teeth and the real deal. And it’s surprising how good a fake tan can look unless you’re up close and personal.

Another bonus of the face to face interview is that you can diagnose sweaty palms or bad breath. And don’t shake your head, thinking that all wealthy men are sophisticated and wouldn’t suffer from these embarrassing maladies. They can and frequently do. Sometimes they merely need the light, guiding hand of a caring woman to set them back on the good hygiene and style path. Other times the damage is irreparable. Only a face to face interview will let you know which it is.U Can Be My Sugar Daddy

A word of warning. Some sugar daddy hunters like a challenge and will see hygiene issues as a gauntlet thrown down to test their mettle. If this is you, make sure you know exactly what you are getting tangled up with. Not all problems can be solved with a packet of breath mints.