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Types of sugar daddy relationships

Types of sugar daddy relationships explained

If you have been getting and receiving sugar love, you already know that there are many different types of sugar daddy relationships. They have, unlike tastes, personality, arrangement terms, needs and wants. The most important thing when seeking a sugar daddy is to find know the basics of types of sugar daddy relationships.

Older man, younger woman relationship

One of the common types of sugar daddy relationships is the most obvious one – old, rich man and a young, beautiful woman. He is an established man, probably separated or divorced and seeking a youthful relationship. He is generous, kind but serious. This one wants a reliable sugar babe who will keep time and avoid nagging.

The affair

Ranked highest among the most controversial types of sugar daddy relationships is – the affair. Cheating is major taboo. However, many wives have been known to let their husbands date sugar babes on the side. Anyway, it is not advisable to get too comfortable with this man. This type of ‘romance’ is guided by rules like ‘no calling’ ‘no strong lipsticks or perfumes’.

Beauty and the elite

One of the most comfortable types of sugar daddy relationships is the beauty elite romance. It entails dating a man with an established, high-end career and life changing connections. He might feel untouchable, entitled and ‘too smart.’ Although attending events with him may lead to advancement in your career, his attitude may throw you out of balance. These men are known for their generosity, minus sensitivity and value.

Sugar with the newbie

Among the many types of sugar daddy relationships, is the newbie-sugar relation. Spotting a man who is new to sugar dating can be easy; they are not aware of current trends or how to set the terms of the arrangement. However, his ‘newness’ to the sugar game gives you the advantage of teaching him how to fit your own liking.

The sugar boyfriend

The sugar-boyfriend stands out amidst types of sugar daddy relationships. In this case, the man wants a long-term relationship with his sugar baby. While he may be a generous man, a time may come when he forgets that it is a sugar relationship.

The gent-and-babe relationship

In this class of sugar dating, the man is usually filthy rich and older. All he wants is some company from a younger woman. He has been a bachelor all his life and he may not have close family nearby. Sex might be included in the menu but it is not his main dish. Men in this type of relationships are very generous!