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Traditional Sugar Daddy Arrangement

Why Traditional Sugar Daddy Arrangement Works So Well

Many sugar babies find their sugar daddy relationships more satisfying than their normal romantic relationships with their boyfriends. Why would a traditional sugar daddy arrangement work better than a relationship with your boyfriend. Granted, there is more money in a traditional sugar daddy arrangement than in normal romantic relationships. Money, however, does not tell the full story. Here is a look at some reasons why a traditional sugar daddy arrangement works so well.

Honesty in traditional sugar daddy arrangement

traditional sugar daddy arrangement

traditional sugar daddy arrangement

There is very little verbalization of each others needs in a normal romantic relationship. Partners feel like expressing their wants and desires will offend the other party or make the relationship less romantic. There is, therefore, pressure to only tell your partner what they want to hear. Such conditions create a fertile ground for lies and dishonesty. A traditional sugar daddy arrangement works differently. From the first time they meet the partners verbalize their expectations of the relationship. With very little emotional involvement, they are able to conduct the relationship like a business. Since one is free to say whatever they feel like, there is no pressure to lie and as it is well known, lies are the number one relationship killer.

Clarity of terms in traditional sugar daddy arrangement

Imagine playing in a game with very clear rules versus playing in a game with unclear rules? That is how much a traditional sugar daddy arrangement differs from a normal romantic relationship. In the traditional sugar daddy arrangement, all issues touching on the relationship are clear. From money to sex, holidays, shopping and even time you have for each other, nothing is blurred. Definitely this clarity makes the relationship better as it prevents unnecessary disagreements borne out of unmet expectations.

Money in traditional sugar daddy arrangement

Lack of money is usually at the heart of most of the problems in traditional romantic relationships. When partners are struggling to pay their bills and buy the things that they desire, it is not easy for them to maintain a healthy relationship. Sugar daddy relationships have no such problems as money is there in plenty.

With the reasons discussed here, it is no accident that sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships have become very popular. Apart from providing you with financial security, they are also emotionally satisfying. If you are struggling with your bills or are sad about your inability to live the kind of lifestyle you always dreamt of since you were a child, it is time you found yourself a sugar daddy. There is very little you will regret for being in the relationship. As shown above, a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is just as good, if not better, than a normal romantic relationship.