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The Sugar Daddy Book

The Sugar Daddy Book

I think there needs to be a sugar daddy book. There is a definite gap in the market for this kind of book. Forget men being from Mars and woman from Venus, a sugar daddy book would blow the planets away. Totally out of the water baby! This book, The Sugar Daddy Book, would tell it like it is. Tell everyone about the experiences, the thrills and spills of this lifestyle: The Sugar Daddy Book. Yes!

The sugar daddy book

The Sugar Daddy Book – reals experiences

The Sugar Daddy Book will tell the world about the fun and excitement of being with a sugar daddy. It would definitely need to include real life kiss and tell experiences, about what people have been up to and the adventures they’ve had. Obviously, anonymity would be an option if required; to protect the innocent and not so innocent. No doubt there will be some earth shattering moments in it – always an exciting possibility with a sugar daddy man.

The Sugar Daddy Books would and should become the go-to guide for anyone who wants to experience this lifestyle. It could be brutally honest about the pros of being with this kind of man. It could detail how to get your packaging and marketing right: where to go to get the right clothes, the right hair style, where to hang out, what look to go for. The Sugar Daddy Book should cover all this and loads more. It would definitely need a section on how to meet your sugar daddy and how to hang on to him. Get ready to sharpen those talons and bat those mega eyelashes.

The Sugar Daddy Books should also cover the right etiquette for when you are out and about. There’s no point getting the outer package right if the behaviour doesn’t match. It’s all about public relations – and the not so public ones. The Sugar Daddy Book will really be the right tool to make sure you land and keep a really high rolling sugar daddy. Hopefully one with the power that matches the large wallet. Let’s face it, The White House rather than the sky is the limit now!

A sugar daddy book

The Sugar Daddy Book would really be the perfect present for the girl who wants glitz and glam and power in her life. It would be the perfect filler for anyone’s Christmas stocking! I would probably buy a copy for all my friends. In fact, it should be on the reading list of all schools and colleges and a must-read for book clubs. I might even write The Sugar Daddy Book myself. I’ve been there and done that and now fancy wearing The Sugar Daddy Book t-shirt. Watch this space sugar daddy fans. Advanced orders highly recommended!