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The concept of wealthy older men dating young and attractive women is nothing new. What is new is that in the recent years this phenomenon has gained worldwide popularity and some social credibility through many sugardating websites.

What exactly is sugardating?

Sugardating doesn’t involve a financial transaction. There are no obligations for either side. However, ladies participating in it do expect a financial benefit, and gentlemen do expect the ladies to be willing to have a sexual encounter.


What can sugardating offer to men?

Many sugardaters don’t even fit the mould of “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby”. Besides the older and divorced there are various kinds of people who might contact an agency seeking to establish this kind of relationship. Busy professionals, sometimes under forty years of age, often married, people who want a matter-of-factly relationship and don’t like flirting on the regular dating sites. A sugar daddy can be anybody who is in a good financial situation and doesn’t mind being generous while dating. Sugar daddies admit this would usually cost a lot more than visiting an escort parlour. Showering the girls with gifts, paying for their expenses, nights out, dinners, etc. However, this kind of affair has a more personal note to it, feels more like a regular relationship. The girl is usually involved in one sugardating relationship at the time, which makes the whole thing even more attractive for the men. Protecting an otherwise vulnerable person can also bring a feeling of satisfaction.

What can sugardating offer to women?
A typical sugar baby is a lady in her twenties, financially insecure and with a liberal attitude toward sexual relationships. Many sugardating sites ban professional escorts from joining and explicitly prohibit solicitation. Frequent visitors are students trying to pay their college fees, girls from countries with low average income, and generally young ladies who wouldn’t want to work in a brothel, but at the same time don’t mind having a relationship which includes a financial benefit with somebody they got to know personally first, and with whom a certain degree of trust has been established. Some young women are simply attracted to a “father figure” type of partner. Sugardating sites often have a larger number of women than men interested.

Social attitudes toward sugardating are changing and becoming more positive in recent years, and it is reasonable to expect that the success of sugardating sites will continue.