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Sugar Dating Stories – Introduction

Some of my most memorable sugar dating stories


You can read as much as you want about sugar daddy dating online but hearing the truth from an actual baby is going to be much more valuable for you. Meet candy, she wants to tell you some sugar dating stories with you and hopefully help you in regards to where you want to go on this path.

Sugar Dating Stories

Sugar Dating Stories – About me

As a sugar baby who has done her fair share of dating, I have some amazing sugar dating stories to share with you. Let’s start at the beginning. I became interested in the sugar lifestyle after I seen a documentary on the subject on it and I thought, why can’t I do that? I was 18 years old, slim and good looking so I figured I would be the perfect candidate.

I looked for websites online and this is where I started accumulated my sugar dating stories. The best sugar baby/daddy site that I found and the one that I use exclusively nowadays is I would chat to guys for ages before I met up with them and I would still have that point of view when looking for daddies now. gives you the chance to get to know wealthy guys before you meet up face to face. It’s really important to be safe online whether you are meeting guys to potentially date or you are just getting some sugar dating stories under your belt!

I made it very clear on my profile and when chatting to guys if the subject came up, that I would not be having sex with them. I decided right away that this would not be something I would be comfortable offering and I’ve never changed my mind about that. I would give some mild affection and just my own company but nothing more. Despite that, some men would still try their luck. Let me tell you the first of my sugar dating stories about a guy who we will call Peter who decided to try his luck too far.

I had been talking to Peter for several weeks online before we met in person, he was a nice guy and good looking. He asked if I would be willing to have sex when we chatting online, I said no and he seemed fine with this. We met up a luxurious restaurant in my area, he showed up with a diamante necklace for me and bought me an expensive dinner. We had great conversation and I thought that the date went well. At the end of the evening, he informed me that he had a room in the hotel next door and then proceeded to try and kiss me passionately before inviting me back with him. It was obvious what he wanted and I politely declined. He went on to call me names, insisting that I “owed him!” I quickly made a break for it and actually reported him to the website. This first sugar dating stories was definitely the worse but I’m pleased to say that my experiences have changed since then. Let’s talk about some happier sugar dating stories, of which I have several.

I was quite hesitant about getting back to the website after this but I decided to write off Peter as bad luck and I soon met Doug, which makes for more sugar dating stories. He told me that he was not looking for an intimate relationship and just wanted a baby to take to public events and so on – this was absolutely perfect for me. It turns out Doug was a celebrity in his own right and he often got invites to red carpet events and so on. The first date we went on was actually to a movie premiere, we met for drinks first and then I accompanied him to the event where I met lots of famous people. It was a great evening and we arranged to meet up again the following week. Doug is very generous in terms of the places he takes me, just a few months ago we went to Paris! He also buys me gifts regularly like designer shoes, clothes, jewellery and perfume. He has become such a good friend of mine over the years and although we don’t see each other as often anymore, we still meet up occasionally when he needs to be seen with a beautiful woman on his arm. Doug is one of my favorite sugar dating stories because he is a man with a special place in my heart.

My regular sugar daddy now is called Samuel and he has definitely earned his place on these sugar dating stories. He is quite a lot younger than many sugar daddies on the website and we hit it off right away because we actually have a lot in common. We have quite a physical relationship although we do not have sex – I could see it naturally progressing this way in the future but that will be my decision to make. Samuel actually helped me pay off some debts I have and he’s regularly paying me with gifts/money for my time. Although he does not take me to as many amazing locations as Peter, I enjoy his company and we have so much fun together. We have had so many memorable sugar dating stories together and I hope for more in the future. For now I have 3 regular sugar daddies for sugar dating stories and Samuel is probably my main one.

Sugar Dating Stories

Now that I’ve told you my sugar dating stories, let me answer some questions that might help you when becoming a sugar baby.

Q – Are all the guys on, legit sugar daddies?

A – I would say that at least 95% of the guys on my-sugar-daddy are genuine older men who want to spoil you. There are some signs you can look out for to determine if he is a fake however. If his photos or words seem too good to be true, then maybe he is. If he claims to be local but is NEVER free to meet, then this should be a red flag too. I had one experience where a handsome guy started talking to me, when I inspected his photo closer however – I realized they were photos of Ryan Gosling! I called him out on his lies and he soon deleted his account. Just trust your gut instinct in these kind of situations and you’ll usually be right. Chatting to fakes are not good experiences to go through but they might make for some funny sugar dating stories in the future.

Q – What do you tell people your “job” is as a sugar baby?

A – I tell people that I work in marketing, they generally don’t ask anymore than that. A few people who I am super close to know that I’m a sugar baby and I share my sugar dating stories with them. Quite frankly it isn’t really anybody else’s business because it does not affect who I am as a person. I am sure that people wonder where I get all my luxurious belongings from but the people in your life that matter and really love you, will not care about what you do to make money.

Q – What does a sugar daddy look for in a potential baby?

A – In my experience most sugar daddies look for a good looking young girl who takes care of themselves. More than that though, they want someone that can hold a decent conversation – dates would be pretty boring otherwise. Don’t tell him about your other daddies or sugar dating stories, he might want to believe that he is your one and only. Furthermore, they want someone who does not challenge them or creates arguments. Don’t bring him hassle, he likely gets enough of that at home! They are showering you with gifts and in return, they want respect and understanding.

Q – What is the best and worst part of the sugar lifestyle?

A – As you can see from my sugar dating stories, there are pros and cons to anything. I would say that the best thing about the sugar lifestyle is just all the cool things I get to do that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. The company is also great and I have made some amazing friends along the way. The worst part of the lifestyle for me is trying to establish a romantic relationship outside of the guys who spoil me. It’s very difficult for potential boyfriends to understand what I do and I realize that in the future, I might have to give up the sugar lifestyle in exchange for a romantic relationship.

Q – How long will you be a sugar baby?

A – Obviously I know that I cannot keep this lifestyle up forever and I’m cool with that. While I’m still young and wealthy guys keep wanting to meet me, I am up for the job. Collecting sugar dating stories is what I do right now and I really enjoy it. I would say I will probably stop in 3-5 years to look for a real career and establish more real relationships with potential life partners.


I hope my sugar dating stories in addition to me answering some questions about the lifestyle has helped you make a decision as to whether being a sugar baby is right for you. You are guaranteed to have your very own sugar dating stories once you get out there and experience the kind of guys that are on sugar daddy websites. I really think it’s an awesome route for many women to go down and although it might not be ideal forever, it’s amazing while it lasts.