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Sugar Dating Definition

Sugar Dating Definition – what you need to know about sugar daddies

 Maybe you are looking for a solid sugar daddy dating definition, and if you look for the term in a dictionary or book, you may read something different to what you see online. A sugar dating definition is basically an arrangement between a daddy and a baby to exchange company, possibly for gifts. If you read this term online, it would make sense, but a book or a dictionary would possibly not describe it in the same way as the freedom online allows.

As well as a sugar dating definition for actual dating there are many different types of sugar dating definition within the sugar dating circle that you may not read in the dictionary or in a book. Each term has a unique meaning to the community.


Sugar dating definition: Daddy

Sugar Dating Definition

Sugar Dating Definition

If you read the term Daddy in the dictionary, you will find it means something different in real life to in the sugar dating community. Daddy typically describes someone’s Father which would be the generally recognised way to use it in books and the English language. In the sugar dating world, a ‘Daddy’ is typically an older, wealthy man who is looking for a ‘baby’ to spoil. The age difference does not matter. A Daddy does not need to be particularly older, this is just the standard that has been set. The Sugar Daddy will enter into an agreement to provide gifts and pay for things or send money to the baby for her to buy tings. In exchange he will receive company.

This does not necessarily need to be a physical arrangement. Plenty of Daddy and baby relationships work on a companionship level. This is something that needs to be agreed before the arrangement or relationship starts, to avoid confusion down the line. This can be informal, or something that is formal and has been put in place in writing.


Sugar Dating Definition: Baby

The sugar dating definition for a baby is again something that you will not find in a dictionary or book. Again, everyone knows what the traditional usage of the term baby is, but as a sugar dating definition it is quite different. A baby is someone who provides companionship to a Daddy inn return for gifts or money. This arrangement does not have to be physical. Companionship alone is a factor of why a lot of these arrangements come about.

There is no specific book to read on the definition of a baby, but this would generally be someone who is seeking a sugar daddy arrangement. The sugar dating definition for a baby and also a daddy are gender specific. A sugar baby is always a girl and a sugar daddy is always a boy. There are many different interpretations of daddy and baby arrangements, but the community widely see this as a mutual consensual way of dating.


Sugar Dating Definition: Sugar Dating Websites


Sugar Dating Definition

Sugar Dating Definition

Another term you will not read in a book or dictionary is the concept of sugar dating websites. The sugar dating definition for a sugar dating website is a website that matches sugar daddies to sugar babies. The scene is called the dating scene as it is the least complex way to describe the arrangements.

There are many different websites that a daddy and a baby can use for sugar dating. These are usually split into two categories, free and paid for. You can utilize most functions on a free site, such as adding a profile and messaging people. Once you have set your profile up, you are able to start being matched with people and meeting people in your area. You can either chat through the site or take things offline and chat over text or in person.


Sugar Dating Definition: Arrangement


Arrangement is again a dictionary term that you could easily read in a book, but it means something different in the sugar dating world. The actual sugar dating definition of an arrangement is a mutual agreement of two people who have agreed to swap company for gifts or cash. The arrangement can take into account a wide spectrum of things. For example a physical relationship, but this is not always necessary.

The main thing about an arrangement is that both parties agree to the terms before they start. The arrangement can be agreed verbally or by writing. To some people this may seem extreme, but all good sugar dating daddies and babies know it is easier down the line if they have made a solid agreement before hand.

Sugar Dating Definition: Sugar Bowl


In a dictionary term, or if you read it in a book, a sugar bowl is simply something that you keep sugar in. The sugar dating definition of a sugar bowl is basically the sugar dating community. This term encompasses everyone in the sugar dating world. If you read a book or an article on sugar daddy dating it is likely to allude to this.

The term sugar bowl does not have a by the book method of defining people that are associated with the sugar dating community. The sugar bowl can define people who are just dipping their toes in the scene. Others are people that have been a sugar daddy or sugar baby for years.

Sugar Dating Definition: Budget/Allowance


For this term, the word actually does mean the dictionary term as it does read. The term budget or allowance that you will find in a book or dictionary is exactly the same in the sugar bowl. The sugar dating definition just means that the daddy will set the baby a budget. This does not necessarily mean that the daddy is not as affluent as he made out.

There could be a number of reasons that someone has decided to set a budget. This could even be set by the baby for fear of taking advantage. The sugar daddy may use the term budget if he is seeing multiple sugar babies at once. He may also decide to book the sugar babies time in certain segments, so he is paying a specific rate.

Again, although there are some moral implications here, everything is consensual and does not have to be physical. If the sugar dating definition were a dictionary definition, it would certainly specify companionship rather than physical needs.

Sugar Dating Definition: Angel Baby


An Angel baby is a sugar dating definition that you definitely wont find in the dictionary. The term is not something that is by the book, but basically is known in the sugar bowl as depicting a sugar baby who is professional and does it for a living.

If you were looking for a dictionary definition of an angel baby, the term would certainly mean ‘professional sugar baby’. It is up to the sugar baby to be honest and open about her endeavours, but at the end of the day, many daddies are happy to fund their lifestyles. Many angel babies move themselves up in the sugar bowl by eschewing by the book tactics for more adventurous ones.


Sugar Dating Definition: Big Daddy


A big daddy, in dictionary terms, would be something that would describe size. If you were going to go by the book, this would mean something different. However in the sugar daddy dating community the sugar dating definition of a big daddy is someone with increased wealth. Any book or dictionary will tell you that wealth suggests a certain amount of affluence. This is what a baby can look to from a big daddy. These are the most sought after sugar daddies and also the most hard to find.

You will usually find these matched with angel babies because they are dictionary described professionals and find it the easiest to lure big daddies. Many angel babies will also give up the profession hen they snare a big daddy.


Sugar Dating Definition: Sugar Mommy


This one is one you certainly wont find in a book or dictionary, even if it is a specific dictionary or book that is tailored to the sugar daddy world. This is because the dictionary term of a sugar mommy would not fit in anywhere to the sugar daddy world. A sugar mommy is exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of an older, affluent gentleman, it is an older, affluent woman who is looking to spend some of her wealth and have some fun.

In this day and age, it does not need to be the men that always have all the fun. Sugar mommies are just as popular nowadays, and they comfortably share the sugar bowl with daddies.


Sugar Dating Definition: Sugar Pup


Again, a weird one that would not be in either a normal dictionary or a sugar bowl dictionary. Although you wouldn’t find a dictionary definition of a sugar pup, if you ask around in the community you will soon come to find this is the male version of a sugar baby. The arrangement and terms are exactly the same. They may even have a dictionary defined budget like their female counterparts.

There is no difference between the arrangements, it is just the different sexes that gives them both different terms. As much as there are sugar daddy sites, there are also sugar mommy sites in plenty of abundance.


Sugar Dating Definition: Sugar on the side


If sugar on the side were to be described in a dictionary, it would be described as an incredibly discreet agreement between a sugar baby or an angel baby and a daddy who is married or with a long term partner. Discretion is key to these agreements.

The arrangement can work exactly the same as if the daddy was single, but it is up to the baby or angel baby to ensure she does her utmost to keep the arrangement secret. Many sugar daddies operate in this way as they are looking for someone more young and adventurous to spoil.


Sugar Dating Definition: Tuition Baby


There are many different reasons that women want to become sugar babies or eventually angel babies. Many want to live to luxurious lifestyle on a permanent basis, but the dictionary definition of a tuition baby would just be someone that needs to pay their way through school.

Although this agreement can sound vulgar, it is only college age babies that do this. In most cases, the daddy will know the true age of the baby. He will be happy that his contribution is going towards schooling. Most arrangements will stipulate that the daddy does not care what the baby spends their money on. However some daddies will look to contribute towards something more worth while than just shoes or handbags.