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Sugar Daddy Ziam Arrangement

Sugar daddy ziam: The top dating tips

Most babes go looking for sugar daddy ziam relationships because they have needs that need to be met. If you have been in the sugar world for a while and are wondering why it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you would like it to, maybe it is time you looked carefully into the way that you conduct yourself around your sugar daddy ziam. Below are some of the guidelines that can help you get the most out of the process.

Sugar daddy ziam – Asking him for sugar

Sugar Daddy Ziam

Sugar Daddy Ziam

The one rule that you need to understand is that unless a man is a splenda daddy or some other kind of wannabe daddy, they will expect you to ask for something in return for the companionship you are offering. The issue comes in when you have to decide the manner to approach the issue, and what to ask for. One tip that always works is making sure that you discuss the allowances and other perks in person. Then, always remember that you have more bargaining power before sex. Take time and agree with your sugar daddy ziam on the sugar daddy arrangement terms beforehand.

Asking for a raise from the sugar daddy ziam

Another common scenario is when the terms had been previously discussed. For various reasons, you may start feeling like the discussion should be reopened. One of the top tips for reopening the discussion is to make sure that the daddy is happy or pleased with the companionship and other benefits they are getting from you. You should only ask for something in return when you are sure the man is happy. Otherwise, you might be on a rough patch and he could be looking for a way out and you push your sugar daddy ziam out with untimely requests.

What not to do to get a raise from your sugar daddy ziam

The one thing that should never cross your list of things to do to get that sugar is using threats and intimidation. This is a counterproductive move that can end very badly for you. Remember that the sugar daddy ziam has a family, friends, and business interests that he needs to protect. When you make the mistake of threatening him, he could react in very unpredictable ways.
Then, do not appear desperate to keep the sugar daddy ziam. When his perception of you as an expensive commodity that he has to pay for wanes, you will receive less attention and less money. Strive to stay in that situation where you are still one of his expensive toys to play with. This way, they will always listen when you demand for more in terms of salaries and allowances. At times, they will even make the raise before you ask.