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Sugar Daddy without sugar

Sugar Daddy Without Sugar

It’s easy to think that once you’ve met your wealthy Prince Charming then you’re all set for that happily ever after so beloved of fairy tales. However, one thing fairy tales forget to tell you is that life doesn’t stop just because you’ve been swept off your feet by your man.

Real life has a tendency to keep on going and likes to throw a variety of highs and lows across your path. Fingers crossed, life with your new sugar daddy will be the epitome of happy ever after. But, what if the worst happens? What if the dream becomes a nightmare and he becomes a sugar daddy without sugar?

Sugar Daddy without sugar

Sugar Daddy without sugar

Sugar Daddy Without Sugar? What to Do?

It can happen and has happened, sadly all too frequently. Wall Street can crash and the best investments can go belly up. And sometimes your “rich” man may not have been entirely honest with you. It has been known for an unscrupulous chap to spin a web of deceit by flashing a bit of cash and sporting some bling. Not all men who talk the talk actually walk the walk. So what to do if your Prince Charming morphs into a sugar daddy without sugar. Do you kiss the frog and hope he turns back into a prince? Or do you hop it quickly?

Is a Sugar Daddy Without Sugar the End of the Road?

How you react to a sugar daddy without sugar is a purely personal choice and depends on many factors. Do you like him? Have you a relationship beyond the material? If you’ve said no to one or both of these questions then the answer is easy. Ditch the loser and move on to the next one. However, if the answer to either of the questions is yes, you do like him and your relationship is on a more emotional basis then you have some complicated choices on your hands.

Sugar Daddy Without Sugar Waiting for a Fairy Godmother

The reality is that sometimes our hearts rule our heads and sometimes we’ll stay with a sugar daddy without sugar despite the bitter taste. Sometimes we can even be their Fairy Godmother, helping them get back on their feet and rediscover the sugar. If you like your man and believe that there is potential sweetness there, that he’s not a dirty rat who tricked you, it might be worth staying the course. Give yourself a bit of time and see what happens. Sometimes a sugar daddy without sugar becomes inspired to leap to new heights. Time will tell.

Staying, or leaving a sugar daddy without sugar is a personal choice. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.