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sugar daddy virtual

Sugar Daddy Virtual – What is a sugar daddy virtual relationship?

A sugar daddy virtual relationship is one in which your sugar daddy communicates with you by means such as telephone, Skype and email. Imagine a long distance relationship where you very rarely, if ever, get to meet face to face. This is a sugar daddy virtual relationship.

Do I want a sugar daddy virtual relationship?

If you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to a proper relationship, this may be for you. Having set times to talk online, or just messaging throughout your regular day, might be easier than having a full face to face relationship. The other main reason sugar babies like virtual is the lack of intimacy. If you’re uncomfortable with an intimate sugar daddy relationship, virtual may be the way to go.

sugar daddy virtual

sugar daddy virtual

What do I have to do in a sugar daddy virtual relationship?

Discuss with your sugar daddy what type of relationship he wants virtually. Some daddies will just want companionship, someone to talk to after a long day working abroad. You can Skype them each evening to discuss your days, you can play online games with them to keep them entertained or you could just listen as they talk about their work.

Some sugar daddy virtual relationships may want you to text and message them throughout the day. These can be tame messages which can be anything from letting them know what you’re up to or to discuss problems. There are also relationships in which a sugar daddy virtual wants to be more intimate. This may require pictures of you or graphic text messaging. Always discuss what type of sugar daddy virtual relationship they want beforehand and do not do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Overall, being in a sugar daddy virtual relationship can be extremely fulfilling. You don’t have to travel or have face to face meetings or even take up much of your time. A few messages, some Skype calls could be all that’s required to make your sugar daddy happy. Most sugar babies like the luxury lifestyle a sugar daddy brings; however, if you want a little companionship or extra money foe little effort, a sugar daddy virtual relationship could be for you.