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Sugar Daddy urban

Sugar Daddy Urban Dictionary Meaning

The concept of a sugar daddy in urban environments, is not so different to how it has been for centuries. The idea of a lovely young lady providing sexual relaxation and comfort in return for security and commitment may sound like marriage, but you would be surprised how many marriages have no sexual component. Many very wealthy men are suffering in loveless marriages with no activity at all and no fun. These are examples of men who end up becoming very happy sugar daddies with babies ready to please and provide companionship and satisfaction, in return for a financial arrangement.

Sugar daddy urban

Sugar daddy urban

Hence, the term sugar daddy in urban or general terms is; an extremely wealthy man who takes care of a sugar baby’s financial needs so she does not need to seek work or help from any other source. Part of the definition assumes that the sugar girl takes care of her sugar daddy in ways that are pre-agreed and usually include a sexual element. This actually sounds extremely sensible and fair to me, and most of them are arranged in this way.

The dictionary refers to a daddy as a richer and older gentleman who is constantly adorning young ladies with gifts and riches. This is not too far from the truth I suppose but adding a bit of a modern spin to it does allow for the latest daddy model, with all of the trimmings of modern leisure and entertainment to boot. Whatever the official definition is, the sugar daddy urban version is better and more exciting. Sugar daddy urban guys are not all as old as you would think. A sugar daddy man could still be in his 30s or under 40 years. The exact age of the sugar daddy urban gent will be the preference of the sugar baby and no one else. After all, it’s sugar babies that have to live in these partnerships. So, the dictionary definition only suggests that the sugar daddy is much older than the lady upon which he adorns with gifts, but it does not say that this is always the case. Remember that the dictionary needs to be as clear as possible so that everyone can understand with little or no room for ambiguity. The dictionary definition will be updated periodically and then there are urban dictionary versions which are often more relevant than traditional dictionary versions because they make modern references. The urban dictionary versions tend to be more relevant when it comes to the definition of a sugar daddy, than the type of old school dictionary we are used to.

Sugar Daddy Urban Gentlemen, What are They?

Sugar daddy urban

Sugar daddy urban – a gentleman

Sugar daddy gentlemen are sugar daddies of great wealth, class and standing in urban circles. They are gentlemen of the city and run/control a variety of businesses and corporations in cities around the world. They feel at home in the hustle and bustle of urban flair and are looking for a lady who can also appreciate the joys that city offers. They will most likely own penthouses and suites across the capital in such affluential areas as Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Fulham. They may even spread across the South West of London into Wimbledon and Barnes. The Sugar Daddy Urban Gentleman has class that is hard to match and style fashioned by the top designers. And by that we do not mean that he is ostentatious, we mean that he has enviable style that is well balanced and never loud. A sugar daddy urban gentleman emanates culture and character, and is the heart throb of all sugar babies. He knows what is expected of him in business and in his personal life, and he knows how to spoil a woman. He looks for positive partnerships with babies where he can assist them in their ambitions. He looks for mutually beneficial relationships where the sugar baby feels respected and cherished.

The dictionary will not have a definition for sugar daddy urban gentleman, gent, dude, man or guy. Instead, you will find each section of the term separately defined; sugar daddy, urban and so on. You may find a similar reference to a sugar daddy in an urban dictionary but not most traditional types of dictionary available from main bookshops. The best place to find an dictionary is online where there is the benefit of capturing more authentic street slang and urban meanings. The concept might have crept into a dictionary or two but not in those exact words.

Sugar Partnerships Involving Sexual Activity

Sugar daddy urban

Sugar daddy urban – he knows what you want and need

Sugar partnerships are a mutually beneficial arrangement between sugar daddy urban gentlemen and sugar babies. For the purpose of this article we will refer to the relationship as the Sugar Daddy Partnership. They involve a sugar daddy and his sugar baby. Prior to the commencement of the sugar daddy partnership the two agreed on a set of conditions concerning the sugar babies monthly allowance, number of times they will meet per week, level of sexual activity, and other important aspects of the relationship. The sugar daddy urban partnership is not a casual fling type of thing and both parties have a mutual respect for one another. The sugar daddy urban partnership is a way of avoiding casual flings for both the sugar daddy and the baby. The age gap between sugar daddy urban gentlemen and sugar babies tends to be 10 years or more with many sugar daddies being in their 50s and above. This is probably because sugar daddies look best from the age of around 50 onwards as they have matured beyond the awkward 30s and 40s. Who said that it begins at 40? For the discerning sugar daddy urban gentlemen life begins at the age of at least 50 years old.
I am 60 Years of Age, Am I Too Old to be a Sugar Daddy Urban Gentleman?
Certainly not. Some the top sugar daddy urban dudes are above 60 and even 70 years of age with many pushing past the 80s mark. It is most certainly just a number when it comes to the flair and partnerships. Never let it deter you from seeking your dream sugar baby and to you babies; a man matures with age and experience. Those chaps seriously considering the route of becoming a sugar daddy urban gentleman, should take a look at sites like where you will see that age is immaterial when it comes to the sugar daddy urban lifestyle. Your life will come alive and you will find renewed vigour by meeting the sugar girl of your dreams who will long to bring out your deeper passions. Sexual existence is a right of all individuals who still have that sexual inclination. For those who do not, surprise yourself by meeting a gorgeous young baby who could help you to discover that you do have a locked away sexual desire that they will help you rediscover, even at your age.

What Age Can I Become a Sugar Baby and Find a Sugar Daddy Urban Guy?

Sugar daddy urban

Sugar daddy urban

Sugar daddy partnerships are often of a sexual nature so you must be above the legal age of consent but we would suggest being over 21. You need to be fully aware of your life decisions to be sure that you are not taken advantage of. Actually, the older the better in terms of being 22 years or older. But not too old or you’ll miss out on your best years and the help you will need to get through college or other milestones in your life. You would need to be old enough to have experienced life especially when it comes to activities of a sexual nature in order for you to make an educated decision on the type of partnership you want with your sugar daddy. The ideal age for a baby would probably be between 25 and 35. So, babies, you have 10 years to find and keep a good sugar daddy urban man and keep him. Finding a sugar daddy urban gentleman at an earlier age might mean you have a long lasting relationship until you are much older. Who knows, you may even end up together for ever……ish!
Where do All The Best Sugar Daddy Urban Guys Hang Out?
Well, we cannot say where all of the best sugar daddy urban gentlemen hang out but we can say that we have an idea where you can look. The dictionary says that sugar daddies love to spend on their sugar babies so you may find them in high class jewellery stores so go in and browse, you never know who you’ll find. You could search through high class gentlemen’s clubs or lollipop bars. In fact, you could get a job in a gentlemen’s club and wait to meet that special mega tycoon so that he could become your very own sugar daddy urban man. However, we would strongly advise that the best place to meet sugar daddies of all ages and races, would be a reputable sugar daddy dating site. These sites will specialise in hooking up sugar daddies and sugar babies for meaningful sugar partnerships. On these sites you can filter sugar daddy profiles by looks, sexual preferences, location and more.

What Does the Dictionary Say About Sugar Daddy Sexual Partnerships?

The dictionary does not seem to define partnerships that specifically relate to the sugar daddy/lady scenario. It only tends to refer to the term sexual partnership or partner, as being a partnership where both parties engage in intercourse. It is agreed, however, that the average dictionary is in need of updating to include modern words which would, otherwise, appear to make no sense at all. What we can say about them within the relationship, is that it is best to be clear and open about what you will and will not do sexually within that partnership. Perhaps you are not comfortable engaging in full blown sexual acts which, i will add, will probably not go down to well for most sugar daddies I know. In terms of the dictionary giving meaning to sugar relationships, it could be some time before the dictionary can do that. However, the dictionary can shed some light on the sugar daddy concept itself.

Sugar daddy urban

Sugar daddy urban loves to spoil you

Even an online urban dictionary does not directly refer to sugar daddy partnerships and what these should mean, since each sugar partnership is different with individuals requiring different types of attention. Some would actually involve no sex at all if the sugar daddy is impotent or past the age of concern for such matters. This makes it really easy for sugar babies in such partnerships since the sugar daddy’s needs are not of a sexual nature. What we do know is that they involve an agreement between two parties and that a sugar daddy is a wealthy man who loves to spoil his babe. We can, therefore, extrapolate that they involve partnerships or agreements between both parties as to how they conduct their get togehter. The girl will need to be kept, for want of a better word, and the sugar daddy will take pride in keeping her in the manner in which she will become accustomed to. How Important is Age in Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Partnerships?
Age is definitely nothing but a number when it comes to get togethers or partnerships. The gap within these helps to keep sanity where two people of the same age could clash when it comes to competition and envy. A millionaire sugar daddy will not be phased by his cute lady going out with her friends on the weekend since his tastes are very different and he is comfortable with doing activities. Don’t get me wrong, he is not confined to bowls or park bench minding. Sugar daddies in their 40s, 50, and 60s can be incredibly active by engaging in such activities as water sports, polo, weight training and horse riding. In fact, age is the one thing that becomes meaningless in terms of abilities in the world of rich men. Fitness and the state of one’s health is far more crucial than a number and it is only factored into the concept of relative ability. To put it in English, keeping healthy and fit can mean that sugar daddies can maintain and enjoy fun and active lives throughout all ages.