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sugar daddy test

Sugar Daddy Test – Try it!

Not sure whether you want a sugar daddy or not? Take the sugar daddy test.

Below is a test to work out if you really require a sugar daddy, such as those advertised on It could be that you really require one or it could be that you feel the time is not right or there are other reasons to stop it. It is to be hoped that you score top marks on this sugar daddy test.

Sugar daddy test questions

1. Do you have too much of the month at the end of the money?
2. Do you want to get yourselves out of debt or an overdraft?
3. Do you have an expensive house or car to maintain? Maybe an expensive course? Maybe you like expensive holidays? (Okay, the list of expenses might be endless in many people’s cases.)
4. Do you not worry if a potential partner pays their way and supports you as much as they can?
5. Do you feel that you can engage with a partner? Are you someone who likes being in a relationship?
6. Do you maybe want a partner from a different country, who sees the world differently from you?
7. Are you currently single? Though non-single people do go on sugar daddy websites it does make the whole thing a bit awkward.
8. Are you over 18?

sugar daddy test

sugar daddy test

This is the end of the sugar daddy test

Sugar daddy test results

If you answered “yes” to most of the questions of the sugar daddy test then having a sugar daddy is certainly something you should consider. There are many agencies you could join to find the right partner for you. Note that if you are under 18 you won’t be accepted on a sugar daddy website.
However if you answered “no” for the above sugar daddy test you might see be open to the idea of a sugar daddy, you just haven’t worked it out yet. If you change your mind then retake the sugar daddy test and if it seems you require a sugar daddy check out a reliable website.
It is to be hoped that you have enjoyed this short sugar daddy test.