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sugar daddy synonym


Sugar Daddy as Synomym for Providence


What does it mean to be a sugar daddy? What are other words for expressing a sugar daddy synonym? If you’ve ever wondered about such topics, you will enjoy reading this article. Here we elaborate on a new possibility for a sugar daddy synonym… and you might find you perfectly relate to this definition. Read on and see for yourself!


Pay for sex: a sugar daddy synonym?


The most obvious sugar daddy synonym would be prostitution; the clear cut concept of a rich man paying for sex. It’s usually a middle aged guy, who happens to be well established in life and enjoying abundant income and a rich lifestyle. It’s usually also the kind of guy who isn’t really happy with their emotional life.

The most obvious, but wrong, sugar daddy synonym is “pervert”; someone who simply pays to satisfy their carnal cravings. What a crude definition! It really doesn’t do justice to the emotional dynamics taking place between a sugar daddy and sugar babe. A real sugar daddy knows that true affection is priceless, so they won’t ever think of it as currency… such a man will simply provide for the woman he adores by gifting her with money and tokens of appreciation.


Sugar daddy, synonym with lack of affection


If you think of a sugar daddy as someone who lacks real affection from a woman, you’ll be a little closer to a fully fleshed out sugar daddy synonym. The typical sugar daddy is a middle-aged married man who feels deeply unhappy with their marriage, but often has no choice but to endure it for practical reasons.

A sugar daddy is the kind of person who knows the value of true affection because he’s been missing it for a while. It’s also someone who usually has the money to pay for whatever he needs, so we could reason that an appropriate sugar daddy synonym would be someone who has learned to value their emotional life more than they value cash.

A new concept of sugar daddy synonym

Asides from the classic meanings pointed out above, we’re thinking of a brand new concept to explain what it means to be a sugar daddy.sugar daddy synonym

It’s not about paying for sex, and it shouldn’t be about people who are short on affection. Much the other way around… it’s about people who know what’s the value of genuine feelings. People who know how money always pales in comparison to earnest affection.

We propose a new synonym for sugar daddy: it’s just someone who provides for those who provide for him, on multiple levels. If you’re interested in this innovative definition, you will feel right at home in this website!