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are sugar daddy sites legal

Are Sugar Daddy Sites Legal ? – What do you think

Are sugar daddy sites legal? Is a question you hear all the time. You’ll be pleased to know, if you wanna be a sugar baby, that they are totally legal. There is no law in any country to say that you can’t find yourself a hot, rich sugar daddy. They’re everywhere, just looking for someone to look after. They just wanna feel good, and you wanna be treated well. What’s not to like? The traditional sugar daddy wasn’t met online, but they’ve always existed. Women have always known how to get what they want and need, and men have always accepted that there can be certain costs associated with being with the kind of girl he wants. many are prepared to pay.

Are sugar daddy sites legal? Really? Aren’t they prostitution?

You’re gonna ask me again? Are sugar daddy sites legal? And no! They aren’t prostitution. You don’t have to have sex with a sugar daddy; that’s not always the arrangement, although it can be. The relationship is based on what two consenting adults decide. A sugar daddy can ask for what he wants, and a sugar baby can decisde what she’s gonna give. There are no rules. And again.. it’s totally legal. Prostitution is a contract for just sex. That IS illegal (although not everywhere!)

are sugar daddy sites legal

are sugar daddy sites legal

So, tell ’em again – Are sugar daddy sites legal? Hell Yeah, they’re legal!

Are sugar daddy sites legal? They’re not only legal.. they’re everywhere! It’s the new way of dating for many girls, whether it’s to get through college, to find the daddy she never had, or just because she’s sick of the little boys who don’t know how to treat a lady. There’s a lot to be said for hanging with an older man. You wanna be a sugar baby?
Are sugar daddy sites legal? Yes! It’s hard to believe I know, and to some, it can almost seem too easy! Are sugar daddy sites legal? You bet your life they’re legal. They’re as safe as any other way of meeting online. The guy is older, that’s all, and richer! And probably much better trained in manners, respect and morals. It’s up to you who you pair up with. You have the choice.