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Sugar Daddy Rules

Golden Sugar Daddy Rules

If all your previous relationships have been of the traditional nature, dating a sugar daddy can be a daunting task at first. Unlike in traditional relationships where you are dating somebody on almost equal terms, when dating a sugar daddy you are definitely the junior partner in the relationship and, therefore, there are many sugar daddy rules (dos and don’ts) that you need to observe to make the relationship successful. Here are some of the important sugar daddy rules that you need to observe.

sugar daddy rules

A Sugar daddy rules is to make your expectations clear


Right at the beginning of the relationship you need to let your sugar daddy know your expectations in the relationship. In terms of finances, let him know your financial needs and how many of those needs he will be expected to meet. What makes this rule one of the most important sugar daddy rules is that it prevents future conflicts resulting from misunderstandings on the exact role each of the parties in the relationship is supposed to play.

Check your emotions
If you spend a lot of time with another person you may start developing romantic feelings for them. There are many cases of sugar babies who start dating a sugar daddy casually but end up falling in love with them. They start feeling hurt whenever he goes to his wife or flirts with other ladies. Some even start demanding that their sugar daddies marry them. Of course, in most cases sugar daddies cut off the relationship when it reaches such a level. That is why keeping your emotions in check is one of the most important sugar daddy rules that you need to observe when you start dating a sugar daddy.sugar daddy rules

Be discrete

This is one of the most important sugar daddy rules that you need to observe since sugar daddy dating is still frowned upon by a large section of the society. Moreover, a majority of sugar daddies are married men with families who fear break up of their families in case their relationship with their sugar baby becomes known to their wives. Many sugar daddies, therefore, prefer keeping the relationship as discrete as possible. Even if he does not tell you directly, just play it safe and keep the relationship a secret. This means avoiding posting pictures of the two of you on social media sites such as Facebook and not disclosing the details of the relationship to other people. What makes this rule rank highly among sugar daddy rules is that it helps to keep the relationship longer.
Having a successful relationship with a sugar daddy needs familiarity with these important sugar daddy rules. Adhering to these sugar daddy rules will help to keep the relationship long enough so that you get most of what you want from the relationship.