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Sugar Daddy Relationship advice

Sugar daddy relationship advice wanted

So, you have found this post about sugar daddy relationship advice. You may be here reading this because you are the sugar daddy, and are stuck needing some help. Or are you the sugar babe, and also feel that there is not much out their, regarding sugar daddy relationship advice? Well you have come to the right place! I am not promising that you will find all the answers you seek here, but you should find a few.

A sugar daddy / sugar babe relationship can be hard. You may be sitting there feeling like nobody understands you, and there is nobody you can even talk to. This is because this type of lifestyle is not mainstream, as of yet! That’s not to say it won’t be in the future, but for now it isn’t.

This post will look at some sugar daddy relationship advice, looking at popular questions, and issues that could arise from having this type of relationship. I do hope you find some answers, and at least feel a bit more at ease, after reading this post. So let’s get started.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – Why would I need some advice?

Relationships are a funny thing aren’t they?! As humans, we all crave to be with other people, and when we decide to enter a relationship, this is when things get tricky. A sugar daddy is generally a richer, wealthier man, and the sugar babe is the younger man or woman, who they begin a relationship with. This relationship is still seen as a bit of a taboo, and it is for this reason, that some people struggle to find some good sugar daddy relationship advice.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – Some popular questions answered

When it comes to sugar daddy relationship advice, there are a few questions which often pop up. Let’s address a few of these sugar daddy relationship advice questions, now.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – How do I tell other people about my sugar daddy relationship?
Sugar Daddy Relationship Advice

Sugar Daddy Relationship Advice

Whether you are the sugar daddy or sugar babe, it is important to be be honest with anybody, who asks about your new relationship. If you simply explain it to them, they will soon understand. The trouble is many people will have opinions already, on the sugar daddy / sugar babe relationship. Despite this, there are not many who have actually been involved with this lifestyle, and therefore probably do not understand it fully.

Sugar daddy relationship advice, does not just stop at the sugar daddy and sugar babe. So if your friends and family need a little of their own sugar daddy relationship advice, then be sure to give it to them. Also be honest about your own issues to. If this is your first sugar daddy relationship, then let them know you are giving it a go, and why you chose to do it in the first place.

Finally the thing to remember with any sugar daddy relationship advice, is that it is just that – a relationship. It may be a different kind to what people consider normal, but it is still a relationship, between two people. Let your loved ones know this!

Sugar daddy relationship advice – Be realistic!

The biggest bit of sugar daddy relationship advice I can give you, is to be very realistic. Sometimes this lifestyle can be glamorised. People think they can get into a sugar daddy lifestyle, and immediately get what they want. For the sugar babe, do not have the expectation that you will be lavished with luxury. I am not saying this can’t or won’t happen, but it is not a realistic idea to have. For the sugar daddy, you do need to make the sugar babe feel special. You also need to view it as a serious relationship, making sure that needs and expectations are met, by both people.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – Set expectations

The reason that many sugar daddy / sugar babe relationships, do work very well, is that expectations are set from the start. It is not like a conventional relationship, where you can sort of work things out as you go along. Instead at the beginning, it is very much like a contract. This is so that you both know what you are getting in to, and what to expect from each other.

When expectations are being set, make sure you are fully honest, about everything. Many people can get quite shy when talking about a few things, but don’t be. When talking about sugar daddy relationship advice, it is vital to discuss everything. Where do you think you are both going to meet for dates? How often will you be meeting up for dates? If gifts are expected to be given how much and when? Is it an exclusive relationship? Everything can be on the cards for discussion.

ugar daddy relationship advice – Will I have to have sex?

Now this is an extremely popular question, and one which people not even interested in the lifestyle, will ask about. Now, if we talk about normal relationships and if sex is on the cards, what would you say? I can guarantee that there will be a variety of answers. Not just yet, yes definitely, or no, not until I get to know them much better. The same applies with sugar daddy / sugar babe dating.

At the end of the day this is a relationship, and the topic of sex will come up but it is not always plain for everyone to see. As in the above sugar daddy relationship advice, we mentioned that anything and everything can be discussed. This does include the topic of sex, and if you both want to, this can be agreed at the start. One of the biggest misconceptions of a sugar daddy / sugar babe relationship, is that it is all about the sex. No, this type of relationship is more about companionship, and both parties getting exactly what they need out of a relationship.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – What do i do if I want out?

So you have entertained the lifestyle, and you have decided that it either isn’t really for you, or that you simply do not like the other person. This is all fine, as let’s face it, not all of us humans can get along. If you want the relationship to end then you can do so, whether you are the sugar daddy, or sugar babe. At the end of the day, if it is not working, then there is not much point in carrying on.

You simply have to bring the topic of breaking up, into the next available conversation. There is nothing wrong with this, and you could potentially still remain friends.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – How far can this type of relationship go?

Sugar Daddy Relationship Advice

Sugar Daddy Relationship Advice

Like every single relationship, this is a very open ended question, and completely depends on the two people involved. The majority of sugar daddy / sugar babe relationships, are about exactly what two people need, at that exact moment in time. For this reason, they are not generally seen as a way, of cementing a long term relationship.

So, whilst I would never say that sugar daddies and sugar babes, don’t fall in love, it does not usually end up this way. That’s not to say that strong feelings can’t develop, and there a lot of sugar daddies and sugar babes out there, that do remain in contact, after the relationship has ended.

Sugar daddy relationship advice – Who can I talk to?

We have answered a few of the popular sugar daddy relationship advice questions above. You will probably still have some questions burning away, as it is such a big subject, we couldn’t have possibly answered them all here. If you do still need some sugar daddy relationship advice, then you still can find it.

Use the internet.
The internet is a fantastic source of information. That is how you found this post after all! There will be so much out there you can read, regarding the sugar daddy / sugar babe lifestyle, that you should be able to get your queries answered.

There are a lot of websites out there, completely dedicated to the sugar daddy dating scene. Here you can join, and talk to other sugar babes and sugar daddies, or even to the customer support on the website.

If you do happen to find a sugar daddy convention you can attend, then this is a fantastic way, to come face to face with so many people. There will be new and existing people to talk to, and there will probably be somebody in the same position as you. They are a great thing to attend, so make sure you have a comprehensive list of questions at the ready.

A conclusion to sugar daddy relationship advice

So there we are, a bit of a whistle stop tour of sugar daddy relationship advice. Just like any relationship, there will be huge highs and huge lows. Both people may need some help, once in a while. With sugar daddy relationship advice, I know it can be hard to find. Hopefully you are now a little more assured that you can actually find some sugar daddy relationship advice.

The most important thing to remember, is why you got into the sugar daddy / sugar babe relationship in the beginning. By doing this, you may give yourself some very valuable, sugar daddy relationship advice.