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Sugar Daddy Recipe

Sugar Daddy Recipe – can you resist?

What is the ideal sugar daddy recipe? If you’re hankering for the cocktail, then it’s equal amounts of butterscotch schnapps, Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur and cream, shaken over ice and strained into a chilled, stemmed glass. Yum, yum! However, if you’re trying to figure out what ingredients, if you will, make the perfect sugar daddy, then that’s certainly a more complex one. If only it were as simple as the “snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails” that little boys are made of or the “sugar and spice and all things nice” that little girls are made of, according to the popular early 19th century nursery rhyme!

Sugar Daddy Recipe: Physical Appearance

Clearly, in order for a sugar daddy relationship to work on any level, he has to be attractive – if not handsome and totally hot. Let’s face it, sugar daddies are older men who want good looking, younger women on their arms – not some old gal with a uni-brow and a middle thick enough to pass as a flotation device. The same should go for a sugar daddy. Not every sugar daddy is going to have the dashing good looks and debonair charm of her Majesty’s former 007 a.k.a. Pierce Brosnan but an attractive, older man who looks after himself and isn’t sprouting bits of straggly hair from unmentionable places is certainly one very desired ingredient in the sugar daddy recipe.

Sugar Daddy Recipe: Financial Means

sugar daddy recipe

sugar daddy recipe

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? The whole point of searching for a sugar daddy is that you want someone who’ll be able to provide you with those “lifestyle perks” you can’t provide for yourself, whether those perks are in the form of some extra cash for rent or tuition, some fun money, a credit card or the lease on a posh little roadster. While most of us would like nothing better than to find a sugar daddy with the net worth of a Richard Branson or a Bill Gates, these money tycoons aren’t as readily available as we’d like. However, there are plenty of other well-to-do and very eligible sugar daddies out there. They are willing to part with some of their money in exchange for a relationship with the right sugar baby. Culling through the potential candidates in order to find one who has the financial means is important and you’re short-changing yourself if you think otherwise. Financial means is a very important ingredient in the sugar daddy recipe and anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being honest with you or themselves.

Sugar Daddy Recipe: Attentiveness

A third extremely important ingredient in the sugar daddy recipe is attentiveness. In fact, attentiveness to you, as a person, is just as important as physical appearance and financial means. The last thing you want in a sugar daddy is for him to talk about nothing except for the sex he wants to have, hopes to have or doesn’t currently have. If that’s his only goal, then he’s definitely the wrong guy for you. Same goes if he treats you like a paid escort or even worse, if he ignores you when you’re together because he’s too busy making calls or texting or is distracted by work problems. Sugar daddies are usually sophisticated men who need an escape from their everyday lives and sugar babies are there to try and take them away from the everyday grind. However, being a sugar daddy is more than just a financial investment, it’s also one that involves an investment in attentiveness. It’s certainly a key ingredient in the sugar daddy recipe, wouldn’t you say?Of course, as with most recipes, there are other ingredients that make up the perfect sugar daddy recipe such as sexuality, generosity and understanding but few will argue that physical appearance, financial means and attentiveness are certainly the top three.