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Sugar Daddy Quiz

Sugar Daddy Quiz
A really good way to have a fun evening with the girls is to hold a Sugar Daddy Quiz evening. A Sugar Daddy Quiz is a silly way of finding out who knows their man best. It’s best played with alcohol. A few cocktails or glasses of fizz tends to make the answers more honest and far, far funnier.

Organising a Sugar Daddy Quiz Night.

A Sugar Daddy Quiz Evening really needs to be held somewhere discrete with friends who won’t rush back to their man with all the gossip they picked up that evening. It’s a girl’s get-together, a chance to bond and unwind, and not for the ears of the men. Hold it somewhere you’re not going to run into people who might not understand that it’s just a bit of fun. Somebody’s home is probably the best bet.

Rules of Engagement for a Sugar Daddy Quiz

 Sugar Daddy Quiz
A Sugar Daddy Quiz is intended to be fun, not to be serious and stressful. Although it may become competitive it really needs to be kept lighthearted. Some people may have a tendency to make the quiz bitchy, and a try to use it as a form of one-upmanship. Try not to let that happen. We all know there’s a pecking order on these occasions. Courtesy asks us not to ram it down each other’s throats. You never know when you’re going to need your friends.

Also think carefully about what sort of questions are going to be asked. Aim for the ones that will produce laughter, rather than those with a political slant.


Prizes or Forfeits During a Sugar Daddy Quiz

An added dimension is to give prizes or forfeits during the Sugar Daddy Quiz. Forfeits can be issued for refusing to answer, or for giving a coy response, or for a response that someone else in the group knows is wrong. The type of forfeit is up to you, but could simply be downing a shot or something similar.

Prizes are also flexible. The lady with the most points could win a spa treatment, her photograph on the wall of fame, or a cocktail. It is really for you to decide. Prizes and forfeits add a new dimension to a Sugar Daddy Quiz and are highly recommended. We all like to win and we also like to see people getting things wrong and having a friendly laugh at their expense.
 Sugar Daddy Quiz
So what have you got to lose? A Sugar Daddy Quiz Night is a great way to bond with your peers and have a fun evening. It’s also an excellent way to learn the secrets of other people’s relationships and you never know when that might come in handy.