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Sugar Daddy questions – What you need to know

Sugar Daddy questions
There are so many Sugar Daddy questions out there that we love to know the answer to, but we are not quite sure if we should ask them. Well, below we have answered some of the most common Sugar Daddy questions. We hope you like them, and that you understand more of the Sugar daddy world.
Sugar Daddy questions

Sugar Daddy questions related to age

This is probably one of the most sensitive Sugar Daddy questions to ask, as how old is too old? Generally speaking, a Sugar Daddy needs to be at least thirty years older than their Sugar Babe, although there is no hard and fast rule on this subject. There really just needs to be a large age gap, so the age of the Sugar Daddy can vary dramatically. There are many Sugar Daddies who are in their nineties and who are making the most of life. As for the Sugar Babe, well ideally they need to be in their very late tens and early twenties. What should be noted here is that regardless of age, the relationship between Sugar Daddy ad Sugar babe is always that of consenting adults.

Sugar Daddy questions related to lifestyle

So just what is the Sugar Daddy lifestyle all about? Well, this is very much based upon decadence and frivolity. Fun is at the centre of the Sugar Daddy life, and the Sugar Daddy together with his woman are out to have fun. The Sugar Daddy will be seen driving the very latest luxury cars, eating at the finest celebrity restaurants and with a wide array of staff on hand to look after him and his Sugar Babe. The Sugar Daddy life is a very pampered one.

Sugar Daddy questions related to money

Out of all the Sugar Daddy questions that we could ask, everyone wants to know about money and how a Sugar Daddy earns their money? Well, this is very much a well kept secret. The Sugar Daddy can be a businessman, entrepreneur and even sell stocks and shares. One thing is for share, the Sugar Daddy does what he does, and he does it well.
Sugar Daddy questions
We hope that the answers to these Sugar Daddy questions have been useful and insightful to you. The world of the Sugar Daddy is a complex one, and can be very difficult for the outsider to understand. At the end of the day, the Sugar Daddy lifestyle is all about fun and making the most of life.