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Sugar Daddy Queens

Do you envy the girls you see who are making themselves successful? Do you look at other sugar daddy queens and want some of the action? Are you going out to the club looking for sugardaddys and coming up with nothing? Trying to be discreet with a tweet but getting no results?
Here are our top tips for becoming one of the sugar daddy queens and finding sugardaddys easily. You do not need to be an expert, you just need to have a few tips to help you along.

Sugar Daddy Queens
Find the site with the best sugar daddys
There are so many different websites available, it’s easy for sugar daddy queens to find one that suits them and stick to it. Try a few on the ‘free trials’ and see what site has the suggardaddys that suit you best. When you sign up fully to a sugardaddys website, most of them will have some sort of reward scheme or club that helps you to get benefits non paying members do not get. You will have to invest some time and money, but if you want to become a sugar daddy queen this is what you need to do.


Socialize in the right places like pro sugar daddy queens

Sugar daddy queens have done their research. They do not just hang out at any club, but they find the club that all of the sugar daddys go to. Try and get chatting to sugardaddys in your area to find out where they hang out. It could be a club you always go to, or it could be a club that you have never been to. Trying a new club could be a great idea to get some girlfriends together, and even if they are not fellow sugar daddy queens, a night out at the club could even convert them to trying to meet sugardaddys or becoming sugar daddy queens, or just end up being a great night out.

Sugar Daddy Queens

Use social media. Don’t forget to tweet
Getting on social media and making sure that you tweet often is vital to meeting sugardaddys. Lots of sugar daddy queens know that sugardaddys tweet, so you need to tweet too. Not only can you tweet where you are going and what you are up to, but you can also search for tips and see where sugardaddys are going.

Sugar Daddy Queens
Don’t feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do when you meet someone in a club
All good sugar daddy queens know, that regardless of where you meet your sugardaddys, if it is face to face in a club, or through a tweet, you do not need to do anything you do not want to do. Sugardaddys are usually very up front, so if you do meet them in a club and they are honest about being sugardaddys, and you are honest about sugar daddy queens, you should come to an understanding on what each other expects to get from the sugardaddys/sugar daddy queens relationship. You may meet someone in a club and decide they are not for you, and that is fine too as it might happen vica versa.
Do not get disheartened if you meet someone in a club or online with a tweet and they do not share your enthusiasm for the partnership. There are lots of sugardaddys to choose from and sugar daddy queens don’t always meet the perfect match straight away.
Lot’s of people ask if sugar daddy queens have to sleep with sugardaddys, and this is personal preference. It is completely up to you how you work it.

Sugar Daddy Queens

Manage your sugar daddy queens expectations

All good sugar daddy queens know that sugardaddys expectations need to be managed. It may be that you have a few sugardaddys that you are being sugar daddy queens to. When you first meet, be honest and open about how much time and attention you give.Most sugardaddys are looking for sugar daddy queens because they are not getting attention at home. If you are managing a few different sugardaddys, make sure they know this and that you can only be with them for a certain amount of time.
You also need to make sure they know there is the possibility they could bump into you somewhere, like a club, and you may be out with other sugar daddy queens looking for new matches. Although it is not uncommon for groups of girls to go out to a club, it is also not uncommon for sugardaddys and sugar daddy queens to go to a club also to try and match up with each other.
Even if you are in a club and you are innocently with a group of girls, this could look bad to people. They may think that you are out to try and meet new people to be sugardaddys.

Sugar Daddy Queens
Take care of your appearance when you tweet pictures or go to a club
If you are going out to a club to meet sugardaddys, this is obviously a lot more important than if you are just staying home and sending a tweet.When you go to a club, make sure that you are smart and presentable without looking too ‘cheap’. Professionals know that sugardaddys prefer classy and elegant girls. It is not uncommon for sugar daddy queens going to a club to spend at least two hours getting ready. Find your own unique style that says a bit about your personality, and also makes you distinctive to all of the other sugar daddy queens that have gone to the club that night to find sugardaddys.
Make friends with other sugar daddy queens
Remember that not all sugardaddys match with sugar daddy queens. If you enlist a good group of other sugar daddy queens, you can share tips with each other and see if you can help out. One woman’s ‘no’ could be another sugar daddy queens match made in heaven.
Not only can you share tips on what the hottest club is in your area to meet sugardaddys, but you can also share style and fashion tips with each other.
Sometimes ‘normal’ friends can be judgmental about sugar daddy queens, so if you are going to a club it can be easier to make friends with another group of sugar daddy queens so that you have someone to go along with who understands the situation. Although you can ‘go it alone’ it is much more fun in a club if you have someone to go with.
Make sure you have a great online profile you can tweet links to
Building a dating profile to make yourself look like top sugar daddy queens can be hard work. Ideally you want to create an interest around yourself, but without giving too much away. Ideally you want people to look at your profile and pick you out from other sugar daddy queens because you look interesting and they want to learn more about you.
Here are a few tips about setting up a profile:

Make sure you have a flattering photo that has been taken in flattering light. You can use filters, but do not filter too much otherwise you will scare of your sugar daddy when he meets you in real life. Good sugar daddy queens will have a clear, nice photo that is just of them. You need to see your face, but if you are in an interesting setting like on holiday this also helps, as it makes you look adventurous and fun.Make sure you do not have anyone else in your profile photo. This will put off people browsing your profile, as they will think that you do not have the confidence to show yourself and want to hide behind your group of friends. Even if they are other sugar daddy queens, this still is best as a solo effort.

About me
When a potential sugar daddy is looking for sugar daddy queens, it is likely that he is browsing through for a quick and uncomplicated meet up in a club or somewhere quieter to see if the relationship has the potential to be mutually beneficial. It is not likely that sugar daddy queens will get chosen if they go into too much detail, or put things on their page that are too long winded.
Although it is great to say you have done a bit of travelling, it is not really necessary to list where you have been and what activities you did in each country. Just listing a couple of favourites will suffice, and then you will have something to talk about when you meet.
Another thing that is nice to say is how much you enjoy your job, or seeing your friends, but don’t put too much emphasis on how much time you like to spend doing this. Sugar daddy queens know that a sugar daddy is looking for someone who can devote some time to them, so even though you want to sound interesting to potential matches don’t make it sound like you will have less time than other sugar daddy queens.

Be honest about age
Some sugar daddy queens are just as likely to meet a long term partner as they are to meeting sugardaddys just for hook ups. You never know what is around the corner, so you could end up meeting someone you spend the rest of your life with. If this is the case, being dishonest about your age will not help you in the long run.
Many sugardaddys are mature worldly men who will no bat an eyelid at your age. It is better to be honest from the beginning, and this goes for other things as well. Imagine the embarrassment sugar daddy queens would have if they said that they could do something like horse riding or race car driving and it turned out that they couldn’t.