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I am a stunning 23-year old student and over the past five years I’ve had no less than five different sugar daddies. Three of them worked out brilliantly, while the other two were complete washouts.

So just in case you are reading this blog because you are interested in becoming a sugar baby, let me give the the sugar daddy profile examples of all of them.


The rich young playboy. Martin had more money than brains. His father was a billionaire and he had all the money and time in the world, yet he didn’t want a girlfriend to tie him down.

The two of us went on trips with his father’s yacht and sometimes we even went on ski weekends to the mountains. We stayed in only the best hotels and dined in the finest restaurants. On top of that he was charming and he adored me. A pity about that sugar baby in Thailand who stole him from me, yet he remains one of my top sugar daddy profile examples.

The professor. As far as sugar daddy profile examples go, this one should have been a bad choice. John was much older than me – in fact he was 61. What made up for that was that he had enough money to spoil me rotten – and he was very intelligent and suave. Unfortunately the other two sugar babies in my class also had him at the top of their list of sugar daddy profile examples, and one of them managed to lure him away.

The guy with the nagging wife. When it comes to sugar daddy profile examples, it doesn’t get much better than this. Mike had a boring, nagging wife who made his life a living hell. She never wore any makeup, she allowed herself to get fat and ugly, and she could only talk about the prices of washing powder and cleaning materials. At least this is what Mike told me.

So for six glorious months he spent thousand on taking me out and buying me lavish gifts. This lasted until his wife found out about us and ran me over with the family SUV right in front of varsity. I spent three weeks in hospital.

The guy who couldn’t get a girlfriend. As far as sugar daddy profile examples are concerned you should beware of this one. Sam had money yes, but he had no social skills. He never had a girlfriend before and he always looked the other way when he talked to me, blushing all the time. After three weeks he asked me to marry him, and when I gently turned him down he tied to commit suicide.

The pastor. On my list of five sugar daddy profile examples (so far) this must be the lowest point. Brian was a pastor at some or other religious sect. So he preached abstinence during the day, but as I found out too late at night he was a different man.


Sugar daddy profile examples – Conclusion


We went out one a couple of dates and one night he met a friend of mine at my apartment, a gorgeous brunette. Two weeks later he was arrested for stalking her, which ended that part of my career as a sugar baby.