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sugar daddy Paypal

Sugar Daddy Paypal – how it began


I’m dating a sugar daddy paypal.
That’s right, now you try: “I’m dating a sugar daddy paypal”. It feels good doesn’t it? Feels right doesn’t it? But don’t worry, you shouldn’t feel guilty or upset about this phenomenon. Anonymous rich men with lots of money are literally scattered across the globe, ready and willing to spend their money on strikingly gorgeous and resilient young women like you. If you didn’t know already, a sugar daddy is usually a rich older male who may or may not have a family. This wealthy individual is usually bored and doesn’t know what to do with his hard-earned money. The sugar daddy will often become lonely and bored with his current marital situation, looking for exciting young women to dine and take out and gift in exchange for companionship or other sexual inquiries. The 21st century is ripe with opportunity to build and take advantage of prime sugar daddy paypal relationships. That’s why I’m here today to tell you how easy it is to land a sugar daddy paypal, get his money the best way (through paypal of course), and remain anonymous throughout your salacious and extravagant adventures. Its so easy to get a reply from a sugar daddy, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t message one sooner!

sugar daddy paypal

In fact, it’s best that your prospective sugar daddy paypal never gives you his real name

Sugar daddy Paypal – Get That Money

Look. Let’s be honest here. We try hard to get to where we need to be in life, but all of us struggle to get to that peak of wealth and lavishness. This life is attainable for some but most people stay forever pushing the giant boulder of life only to have it fall back down onto them, as they pick themselves up by the bootstraps and begin to push the boulder back up again.
This grind, this endeavor, this push for wealth and greatness doesn’t have to be so strenuous. There are countless other ways of earning more money beside what you get from your main source(s) of income. One of the greatest ways of earning a little something extra is actually one of the sweetest ways of earning a little bit of extra cash, and often times you’ll hardly have to do anything to get that sweet money! I’m here to tell you about the sugar daddy paypal experience. That’s right! The hey day of dating sugar daddies is now, and you shouldn’t wait another moment to act. You may have to go on a few dates with your prospective sugar daddy paypal in order to gain trust and support for one another. This is the best way to solidify a trusting relationship that will be sure to make him feel comfortable enough to keep in contact with you. Once you’ve garnered a bit of trust, it should be easy to instigate some sort of exchange – this is where I must interject. You see…there are different levels to the sugar daddy matrix, with some daddies giving out a few hundred dollars here and there, and smaller gifts. But then there are the big kahunas of the sugar daddy paypal game. These big wigs can be caught, with practice and good skill utilization that is, in which case you find yourself receiving cars, paid vacations and thousands of dollars being transferred into your account. Don’t get dissuaded into thinking that it is a bigger chore or requires more effort to land the big fish of the sugar daddy paypal game. In fact, it’s quite easy to get the attention of these grandiose sugar daddies, which I will explain, 2 headers below.

sugar daddy Paypal – Remain Anonymous

sugar daddy paypal

If you’re new to the whole sugar daddy paypal dating thing, fear not!

One of the most important things you need to remember at all costs is that you MUST remain anonymous. Anonymous, anonymous, anonymous. No, I’m not talking about joining Anonymous to become a vigilante bent on taking out the 1%! I’m talking about discretion.
It can be easy to become flattered and excited when conversing with your sugar daddy paypal. These emotions are fine to experience and are all part of the sugar daddy affair. But it can be easy to veer of course and become overexcited. Being overexcited can easily turn into carelessness. Carelessness is a huge turn off in the sugar daddy paypal game. These men want to know that the girls they are treating are smart, responsible and can leave an anonymous trail behind them.
Here are a few short ways to improve your online presence so that your sugar daddy paypal can trust and respect you:
1) Usernames – when conversing online, it is utterly important that you create an anonymous username and stick to it. Make sure that your anonymous username is memorable (to save you time and annoyance), make sure you don’t use it on other accounts with other prospective sugar daddies. Make sure you refer to him by his anonymous username ONLY, unless you create nicknames for each other – then by all means, use them!

sugar daddy paypal

. You are not going to attract all sugar daddy paypal sugar daddies and that’s ok!

2) Email – create a new email address. Don’t even think about using your personal or work-related email address when accepting money or when contacting your sugar daddy paypal. Choose a unique yet memorable email address to converse and accept money with. Remember that PayPal offers some of the fastest transfer times between a PayPal account and one’s bank account. You could just use your PayPal account to purchase things online, or, if you’re in most Western countries, you can easily sync your sugar daddy paypal account with your current bank account, so that you can transfer money seamlessly. I remember hearing from someone that sugar daddies do not need to report any money given over 14 thousand dollars/year. Anything under 14 thousand dollars a year is just completely anonymous gift giving. Anything over 14 thousand dollars/year and you begin having to create new ways of justifying his expenses towards you which can really ruin the whole anonymous factor.
3) Nicknames – usernames are one thing, but nicknames are the real public deal. When you actually do go out and meet your sugar daddy paypal – that is, in the event that he is the type of sugar daddy paypal who is seeking physical companionship – it is important that you keep remaining anonymous throughout your date or venture. This means referring to each other by your appointed sugar daddy paypal usernames online. Never use his real name – if he even gave it to you. In fact, it’s best that your prospective sugar daddy paypal never gives you his real name, so no slip-ups could ever be mouthed. What’s even more resourceful is that you both agree to using your usernames online, and your nicknames in public. This decreases hackers, detectives or anybody looking to sabotage your anonymous sugar daddy paypal relationship as it keeps them second guessing your online vs. real life details.
So, just to recap, you must create a new email for both conversing with your sugar daddy paypal and for accepting money online from sources like PayPal. You must also consider using different names while in public vs. online so as to confuse anyone trying to reveal the anonymous factor. It’s also a safe measure to create new passwords every few months so as to confuse any likely saboteur. If your sugar daddy paypal is constantly putting lots of money onto your account, it should be as secure as possible. Potential cyber thieves look for large account activity and try to pray off of weakly secured accounts and email addresses. So don’t get caught, be a smart, and anonymous sugar daddy paypal receiver right now and get that money, money, money!

sugar daddy paypal

If you’re new to the whole sugar daddy paypal dating thing, fear not!

sugar daddy Paypal – Instant Reply Skills

If you’re new to the whole sugar daddy paypal dating thing, fear not! Here are a few simple ways to get the attention of Mr. sugar daddy paypal immediately! But how do I get him to reply you ask? It’s easy! A swift reply can be achieved with these three simple steps:
1) Pave the path of allure – you want to be alluring and quite frankly, uniqueness is all you need. You are not going to attract all sugar daddy paypal sugar daddies and that’s ok! Take this moment, Ms. Anonymous little sugar daddy user, and jot down some of your most enduring characteristics. Write them all down, memorize them and now re-write your profile based on your unique qualities. What comes next should honestly be just a few moments of waiting for your inbox to fill up with hopeful sugar daddy paypal guys! Because you based your profile and your message-making abilities around your unique characteristics, you will get a reply from tones of sugar daddies looking for honest, confident women like yourself who aren’t afraid to be themselves and express themselves confidently.
2) Build anticipation – keep that anonymous money flowing, get that reply satisfaction. To keep his anticipation rising it’s good to balance mystery with your alluring unique qualities. This means giving out some details about yourself, or about a topic, without being too specific. Think about that anonymous factor and think about how you should be thinking when engaging in anonymous activity. Now, use that method of thought in being anonymous and turn it into building anticipation. You see, it’s all about a push and a pull, when they think they’ve figured you out, hit ‘em with an unrevealed part about you, and then pull back and provide a bit of distance.
3) Respect his privacy – You’re a big girl now. So, you should act like one. A big girl knows where to look for money, and when and where to strike for it. Don’t get too greedy and always respect the anonymous factor. If you get too excited or carried away in the awesomeness of it all, you might lose your cool and do or say something that might reveal his anonymous identity. If you want him to reply again and again, sending money again and again, you’ve got to respect his privacy and reply to his messages with grace. Always use nicknames or pet names when writing a reply to Mr. sugar daddy. Remember that the sugar babe who gets a reply the most gets the most from not just one, but many possible sugar daddy/sugar babe encounters.

So that’s it. You’ve learned the tricks of the trade. We’ve looked over how to get your account set up, how to act when engaging with your sugar daddy online and in public, and how to get money transferred easily and anonymously in this blog.