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sugar daddy novel

Must read Sugar Daddy novels

Sugar daddy novel – If you love to read romantic fiction, stories that involve dashing and handsome heroes and billionaire tycoons, then why not try to find the perfect Sugar Daddy novel to entrain you on those dark and lonely nights. A romantic book can help to both inspire and soothe your soul, letting out the romantic soul within you. There is also something quite sexy about reading about the older man who can fulfill your wildest fantasies. Below we share with you the Sugar Daddy novel, and our pick of the best. We start with Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas that features the heroine, Liberty. We hope you like our choices!

All about the Sugar Daddy novel by Lisa Kleypas

This iconic Sugar Daddy novel by Lisa Kleypas features the heroine, Liberty Jones and the ultra handsome, yet loner, Hardy Cates. It is obvious from the very moment that you begin to read the book that Liberty and Hardy are going to get together, even though he leaves her life at the beginning of the book, but somehow that really doesn’t matter. All that matters is the journey that Liberty finds herself on, and how she will make her way back to him. It is so very obvious that Liberty and Hardy are the perfect couple, they are simply made for each other. So, what is this Sugar Daddy novel all about? Well the book centres around the protagonist of Liberty Jones who dreams of far bigger things in her life than staying put in the small town of Welcome (yes, that really is the town’s name) in Texas. The hero of the book and of this juicy Sugar Daddy novel, Hardy, also wants to better his life, and realises straight away that Liberty is off limits to him. So he leaves to better his life, while Liberty stays in the small town. Hardy won’t allow himself to become involved with her, or to stay too long in Welcome, as he believes he too can achieve greatness in life far away from the small town. However, throughout this romantic Sugar Daddy novel, it becomes abundantly clear that the two of them cannot stay away from each other when he returns to the town after several years away, and that they must fulfill their destiny. Even when Liberty is promised to someone else, she still feels a strong bond towards him.

Who is the Sugar Daddy in the book?

sugar daddy novel

sugar daddy novel

So why is tis novel called Sugar Daddy? Well this Sugar Daddy novel does indeed feature its very own Sugar Daddy, but in the platonic sense of the word. When Liberty begins to struggle financially with the responsibility for caring for her sister, she is offered the chance to move into the house of billionaire, Churchill Travis – also known as Sugar Daddy. However, the relationship that Liberty has with him is purely a platonic and working one, although the people of the town think otherwise. When you read this book you really will be drawn to the romantic and family portrayals that are within this book. Even when Liberty falls in love with Travis’s son, Gage, we still have hope that Liberty will get together with Hardy, as they are truly meant to be together.

Romantic and forbidden love

This Sugar Daddy novel is very much a book that focusses upon forbidden love. Both Liberty and Hardy are drawn to each other and this is what makes the book such a magical read. This Sugar Daddy novel really is for die hard romantics who wish to see love prevail, even in the most difficult of situations. This Sugar Daddy novel, really is a love story that will stay with you long after you have finished the last page. This is a book that all true romantics should read. But why is it such a special book? Well this Sugar Daddy novel is primarily a book about a love triangle. We have Liberty who is in love with Gage, for all the wrong reasons, and Hardy, the man that realises he is in love with her. Liberty is destined to be with him. We all love an intriguing love triangle, and this Sugar Daddy novel most certainly delivers on this score.

The Sugar Daddy novel with a cowboy hero

Every woman loves a cowboy and this Sugar Daddy novel sure delivers with Hardy. No wonder Liberty can’t resist him. This first book in the Travis series, sets the scene for Liberty and Hardy to connect and to form a relationship. Although at the start he no longer wants to live in the town and we find Liberty at home struggling to raise her younger sister, all alone, we know that things will work out. This is because the cowboy always does good. This Sugar Daddy novel really springs to life when Liberty is confronted with the two men in her life, and she has to make that all important decision. Who will Liberty choose? The billionaire’s son, or the cowboy? What is important is that as a reader, we know that Liberty will make the right decision and that at the end of the book, true love will win.

Liberty and conflict in Sugar Daddy

Every romantic read needs to have some kind of conflict, and Sugar Daddy sure does have this in abundance. What you get with this Sugar Daddy novel are the many choices that Liberty has to make in her life. Firstly, she has to make the decision whether to stay or go? Her second conflict is should she look after her sister? Another conflict that Liberty has to overcome is should she move in with Travis? Then Liberty faces the biggest conflict of all. Her love for Gage and her love for Hardy. This entrée Sugar Daddy novel centres around conflict and indeed thrives upon it. The decisions that Liberty makes, will ultimately change her destiny, and we just love being with her for the ride.

The Sugar Daddy novel – Sugar Bowl by Sawyer Bennett
Another fantastic Sugar Daddy novel is that of the Sugar Daddy series and in particular, Sugar Bowl, by Sawyer Bennett. This is a much more steamier read than Sugar Daddy, but just as enjoyable with that romantic feel. In fact, this New York Times bestseller is a read that focuses upon the power of female seduction and male power. This Sugar Daddy novel starts on a dark note, and has a dark underlying]g theme, with the central character, Sela Halstead, having lost her virginity in a brutal and violent way at the age of sixteen. She has no idea who was responsible for her traumatic life event, until one day, while watching TV, she sees a tattoo on screen which finds her getting in touch with the Sugar Daddy of the story, billionaire, Jonathon Townsend. He became rich from starting up the website, Sugar Bowl, which matches young women to rich, old men.

Why we love to read Sugar Bowl

So, why do we love this Sugar Daddy novel? When you read this book, you will be instantly drawn into the billionaire’s lifestyle, and that is what is so captivating about this book. That, and the fact that you want Sela to seek her revenge. No sixteen year old girl should have to go though what she did. You find yourself rooting for her and wanting her to ne happy. Then of course you have the romantic interest in the form of Beckett North, who works with Jonathon Townsend. He is the brains behind ‘Sugar Bowl’ and the tech wizard. The two of them start an impetuous affair but both have their secrets to hide. If you love to read a book that features a strong independent woman and a billionaire hunk, then Sugar Bowl is most definitely the book for you.

The Sugar Daddy Diaries by Helen Croyden

If you want to read a real life story about a woman who has dated a Sugar Daddy, then the Sugar Daddy Diaries by Helen Croyden is for you. This Sugar Daddy novel is a series of Helen’s memoirs as she explores her thoughts and feelings about dating older and rich men. The story begins when Helen is unfulfilled with her life, working as a journalist, and she years for more. More adventure, more love and ultimately more excitement in her life. As you read this book, you discover that Helen finally gets her wish to lead an exciting life. Her adventure begins when she joins a dating website, aimed at the older man. Over night she is propelled into a life of designer brands, expensive gifts, holidays and powerful rich and older men. This book is incredibly raw and Helen eloquently describes her life while dating the Sugar Daddies of the world. Her captivating book takes you across the world, to sex fueled parties, drugs and the worlds most finest hotels. Ultimately, the issues that are dealt with in this book are those of the role that power plays in a relationship and if money can ever truly pay for love.

If you love the idea of reading a Sugar Daddy novel then there really is a large selection for you to choose from. What we have listed here are a few books, that we are sure you will enjoy. After all, if you can’t have the real thing, then the next best option is the hunky, fictional character who can fulfill your wildest dreams. So sit back, relax and enjoy the exciting world of the Sugar Daddy novel.