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sugar daddy meme

Sugar Daddy Meme

The sugar daddy meme has taken the world by storm. Although wealthy, older men have always been attractive to women, the development of certain forms of technology has led to a huge growth spurt in the phenomenon. The sugar daddy meme has always been around, just take a look at Henry VIII and his string of companions, but it really found its feet with the growth of the film and TV industry. And social media has catapulted the sugar daddy meme into the stratosphere.

Social Media and the Sugar Daddy Meme

The development of social media as a means of self-promotion has served to allow the sugar daddy meme to grow rapidly. Social media means it is easier to spread the idealised images of a rich and luxurious lifestyle by providing a window into other people’s worlds. People post aspirational images of the lifestyle they desire and the social meme grows. More and more people want a slice of the glamorous world so loved by social media news streams. And if they haven’t got it, they can make it look like they have whilst working out how to make it really happen.

The Sugar Daddy Meme in Today’s Society

Sugar Daddy Meme

Sugar Daddy Meme

In the past, like today, it has always been common for older, wealthy men to have a younger, beautiful woman on their arm. It is as much as a status symbol as a Rolex or a Porche. Male peers tend to slap each other on the back and congratulate each other on having such a beautiful girlfriend.

Acceptability of the Sugar Daddy Meme

Although the sugar daddy meme has always existed under various guises, the women in the relationships have been known to get a hard time, being described as gold diggers or trophies. Sometimes this description is accurate, but more often there is a genuine affection between the couple. Today’s world of documenting everything we do means the sugar daddy meme is becoming more and more visible and acceptable. Rarely are women described in such derogatory terms anymore. Instead, they are seen as strong women who go for what they want. Today it is almost universally accepted that such couples exist.

The sugar daddy meme has always existed and always will. Women will always be drawn to men with wealth and power, and men will always be drawn to youth and beauty. In these terms, the sugar daddy meme is a match made in heaven and is unlikely to ever vanish. Beauty and wealth are aspirational commodities in our societies and it makes sense that the two will gravitate towards each other. The growth of the sugar daddy meme could be seen as an example of natural selection in action.