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Sugar Daddy Melbourne

Two years ago I was in my 2nd year of my degree in one of the leading universities in Melbourne. My dream of becoming the top celebrated model in Australia was drowning away in the waves of poverty.
My family background could not support my modeling career. The college fee had been increased not to mention exaggerated accommodation charges.
I remembered a friend who had once told me that there is sugar daddy Melbourne dating site with rich and generous men. Although I had never been into online dating things, I gave this idea a second thought.
After going through several sites, I came across the top rated sugar daddy Melbourne site. I quickly signed up and started going through profiles. At first, I did not believe what my eyes were reading. Men older than dad were there with photo albums to keep you busy in case you find that he is offline.
Finally, I managed to land on one young man, aged 26 years. He was handsome, classy but with a gentle look. His profile matched his looks. Since he was already a VIP member, I had to upgrade my account to start my chat with him. The fee was cheaper than other sugar daddy Melbourne sites I had come across so, I upgraded.
The deal was done after chatting for some days and the D-day was decided. I received a queen’s welcome. Sitting face to face with a CEO of a leading Oil Exporting company was unimaginable. The usual followed of course. Sex on the first night! This was equivalent to $5,000.
I wanted to end it on the first night. I couldn’t imagine sleeping with a stranger on the first day. The more I ignored him the more he insisted with expensive gifts and dinners. My campus life changed instantly. My wardrobe had all latest designs of fashion. I now trusted online sugar daddy Melbourne sites.
Our relationship got deep and deep. I started missing my lectures because of long vacations in foreign countries. The circle of my friends reduced. I realized that people had noticed the sudden change. The more I ignored people the louder I heard them discussing me. My parents raised concerns at the college because I had spent the whole holiday on a fancy trip on an Island. I had to make a decision. These are three reasons why I stopped using sugar daddy Melbourne dating sites.

Sugar daddy melbourne

  1. Luck of Freedom on Sugar Daddy Melbourne Sites

I learned that while this relationship opens doors to your financial freedom, it locks your personal freedom. You end up being controlled because of money.

  1. Sexual Harassment by Wealthy Sugar Daddy Melbourne

Money and other material luxuries can lure you into going against your conscience. The net income in this business is determined by how many times you have had sex. Nothing comes for free.


  1. Unplanned Breakups on Sugar Daddy Melbourne Sites

This relationship is always determined by your sugar daddy. Many of my friends had ended up miserable because their sugar daddies from fake sugar daddy Melbourne sites had ‘disappeared’ after a month or so. This sudden breakup will make a sugar baby to date several men so as to secure her ground well. This is automatic online prostitution.