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does my sugar daddy love me

does my sugar daddy love me – Is love an option?

Introduction – Does my sugar daddy love me?

When people think about sugar dating, love becomes an automatic thought. This is why many sugar babes will ask the question, does my sugar daddy love me? After all love is a natural part of most conventional relationships. This article takes a look at sugar dating and love, and answers the question, do sugar dating and love go together?

Does my sugar daddy love me? – The sugar relationship explained

Sugar dating is more about the here and now of dating. It is all about sugar daddy and sugar babe, getting exactly what they want and need, and is focused on the present. It is not necessarily about long term relationships (even though they can happen), or about finding love. This is why sugar dating is known for being luxurious and fun.

does my sugar daddy love me

does my sugar daddy love me

Does my sugar daddy love me? – Can love happen?

The short answer to this is yes. Sometimes a sugar babe can ask does my sugar daddy love me, and the answer will be yes. Whilst it can happen, it is very uncommon. Sometimes sugar babe and sugar daddy can see each other several times a week. It is only natural that dating this way means that you get on with each other. This can then lead into feelings deepening, and the question of love being asked. However I am sorry to say that this does not happen often, just due to the nature of dating this way.

Does my sugar daddy love me? – Why do people date this way if love is not involved

There are lots of reasons to date the sugar way despite love potentially not being an option.

* It is fun concentrating on the here and now.
* It can be luxurious.
* You could find somebody you really get on with.
* Removing love, removes a lot of pressure.
* Special allowances may be involved.

Conclusion to does my sugar daddy love me?

Love is not a normal part of sugar dating, but this will never stop sugar babes asking, does my sugar daddy love me? Any relationship where you see each other so much can lead to feelings developing. So as explained above, whilst there is always a possibility of love, do not go into sugar dating expecting it.