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sugar daddy lingo

Sugar Daddy Lingo – Understanding Sugar Daddy Lingo

The language of Sugar Daddy websites is quite hard for someone with out much experience to understand so let’s look at sugar daddy lingo.

Sugar Daddy Lingo — A-M

Angel Baby: A women whose job is to date Sugar Daddies who generally looks for creating a certain amount of money per month.

Arrangement: The terms between both parties in a Sugar Daddy relationship.

Big Daddy: The most exceptional of Sugar Daddies, one that most women would want.

FWB: Friends with Benefits. As with the “normal” world, this refers to couples who meet for casual sex.

Hookup: A relationship which is not as well arranged as a arrangement (which see). It refers to a “random” sexual encounter.

Long Term Arrangement: Generally speaking, a relationship which lasts more than six months or so.

sugar daddy lingo

sugar daddy lingo

Sugar Daddy Lingo — N-Z

NSA: A relatively new piece of Sugar Daddy lingo. This refers to there being no strings attached. As long as both sides play by the rules both sides are happy. Technically speaking it’s not a natural relationship but it is aiming to be that way.

POT: Short for potential. Defines a relationship where no meet up has taken place.

Road Sugar: Not the most common piece of Sugar Daddy lingo, it refers to a Sugar Daddy who only sees women outside their home city, for whatever reason.

Short Term Arrangement: A relationship which is only brief, mostly thought to be less than six months.

Sugar Baby: A woman who is funded by a rich man usually who dates them.

Sugar Bowl: The Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby lifestyle in general.

Sugar Daddy: The most obvious term of sugar daddy lingo; a rich man who goes out with or otherwise funds a young woman. Sometimes shortened to SD.

Sugar Mummy: A rich woman who goes out with or otherwise funds a young man. Sometimes shortened to SM.

Sugar on the Side: This does seem a rather obvious piece of Sugar Daddy lingo. It refers to a Sugar Daddy who has a permanent relationship with a woman who is not a Sugar Baby but still sees Sugar Babies.

Sugar Pup: Another name for Sugar Baby.