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Sugar Daddy Kleypas

A Sugar Daddy Kleypas Story

Lisa Kleypas wrote a book called ‘Sugar Daddy’. However it’s not actually about a sugar daddy in the true sense of the words. Sugar Daddy Kleypas starts the book about a young teenage girl whose father had died when she was 4 years old.
Her mother would take many lovers until she found one to settle down with. Liberty is 14 years old and the 3 of them move to a trailer park where they all live together.
The Sugar Daddy Kleypas story goes on with the main character, Liberty, growing up in a rough neighbourhood. She will fall in love with Hardy who lives in the same trailer park.
They meet while she is running an errand for her mother. Two dogs run out of a property and bark at her. She tries to run away but falls over and along comes Hardy to save her.

sugar daddy kleypas

Sugar Daddy Kleypas Is Not In The Story Yet

Liberty is a typical teenage girl and she is smitten with a strapping teenage boy who is a couple of years older than her. Not only did he rescue her from the dogs but he walked with her to do her mother’s errand. Sugar Daddy Kleypas has not entered the story so far.
Liberty’s mother died, but not before a sister was born. She would work hard to bring her sister up and pay the bills. An opportunity presented itself when a personal assistant position came up for a very wealthy man in the area. This could be the Sugar Daddy Kleypas the reader is expecting to enter the story. It’s not though.
Enter Sugar Daddy Kleypas – Or Not
Liberty takes the live in job. With her sister they make his luxurious home their home. Her employer has a son who thinks that she is his father’s mistress. Perhaps his daddy is the Sugar Daddy Kleypas after all. Gage, the son, got that wrong as well.
Hardy had moved on to improve his life away from the trailer park, but he was forever in Liberty’s thoughts, she pined for him. In the meantime Gage was rich and willing to spoil Liberty and her sister with his privileged up-bringing.
Enjoying her life in a beautiful home, Liberty fell for Gage who is a kind and caring rich boy. A Sugar Daddy Kleypas, he is not. Hardy comes back into the picture and she is torn between her first love and her new love.
Not sure that any one of the male characters in this story are actually a sugar daddy, however the 3 of them have the potential to be a Sugar Daddy Kleypas.