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Sugar Daddy Kink

Once you’ve met your sugar daddy and are in a happy relationship with him you may find that he starts having special requests for you in your more intimate moments. Some requests might be quite normal, but others may take you by surprise. This may be an introduction to the world of sugar daddy kink.

Is Sugar Daddy Kink For You?

As long as there is mutual respect in your relationship, and you are not being asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, then what you and your man get up to is your own business. Neither party in a relationship should be made to do anything they don’t like, whether it’s the washing up or hovering, or something in the bedroom department. Make sure the pair of you discuss any sugar daddy kink requests he has and that you both know what is being agreed on and what the boundaries are.

Sugar Daddy Kink Clubs

There are clubs designed exclusively for the practice of sugar daddy kink, where people can meet like-minded souls and have fun together. This may or may not be for you. Only you can decide. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do. If there is equality in your relationship, then he will respect your boundaries. If he doesn’t, there are plenty more sugar daddies in the candy jar.

sugar daddy kink

Types of Sugar Daddy Kink
Sugar Daddy Kink comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, literally! Some you will have heard of and others will take you totally by surprise. A lot of sugar daddy kink involves shoes. The standard fetish of high heels or thigh length boots is a common one and a lot of men do seem to enjoy being walked over. Others just want to look, and some actually like licking the leather. Weird? Definitely. But whatever floats your boat if it’s not hurting anyone. One sugar daddy I knew had a penchant for ballet slippers. He loved the way the silk ribbons wrapped around my ankle and the feel of the satin on his skin. Just don’t ask what he wanted me to do with my feet whilst I was wearing them…

At the end of the day, it is entirely between you and your sugar daddy what you get up to together. You are both consensual adults and it’s nobody’s business but yours. But a word of warning. Some rich men will try and buy their way to what they want. Whatever is on the table, never do anything you are unhappy with. You have to live with yourself for a mighty long time so don’t sell your self-respect. Is anything worth that?