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Sugar daddy Istagram and his followers

Sugar Daddy Instagram Singing Sensation… in his dreams!


My sugar daddy just loves social media. In fact, social media is how me and my darling met. It was all down to sugar daddy Instagram accounts. Did you even know there was such a thing? Sugar Daddy Instagram accounts? I know, right? Weird! I always thought Instagram was for the young You-Tubers showing how to do their make-up and nails and stuff. But no. There are actually loads, and I do mean loads, of Sugar Daddy Instagram users. Hundreds if not thousands of them.

sugar daddy instagram

It was all down to sugar daddy Instagram accounts. Did you even know there was such a thing?

Sugar Daddy Instagram Showcases Talent.


Good question huh? Like, why? Why would a sugar daddy be on Instagram? Promoting a vlog on how to keep his moustache oiled? Or how to have a diamond set in your pinky finger nail? All good suggestions I hear you cry. But no! These are not reasons for a Sugar Daddy Instagram account. Or at least, not why my sugar daddy had one. The silly man was using it to showcase his karaoke skills.

Yes. He had his Sugar Daddy Instagram account because he was a frustrated, and rather bad, singer. Obviously, karaoke is a bit too low brow for a night out in Chelsea, but my daddy likes to sing. And singing in the shower wasn’t enough. He craved an audience but also didn’t want Knightsbridge to know. So he hid right out there in the open, behind a Sugar Daddy Instagram account. Of course, he didn’t name it Sugar Daddy Instagram Sings Karaoke. No – he’s clever, so he was a bit more subtle than that. But I spotted what he was. I spotted it straight away. You can’t hide designer clothes and a high-class moustache wax from me. Even when it is blurred by filming in low light using a selfie stick.

Sugar Daddy Instagram and Me.


I spotted that the crazy crooner was actually a sugar daddy and I decided to share his song. I would be his audience and his fan club and his groupie – all rolled into one. I don’t care how bad the karaoke when the singer comes in such a rich package. It became our little secret, well ours and a couple of hundred followers. Now we alternate nights in chavvy dives belting out “We are the Champions” and “Unchained Melody” with nights at Glyndebourne and days at the polo. Luckily the two worlds rarely collide, but we did have one rather dodgy moment in Brighton. The Grand Hotel is rather too close to The Brighton Pier for comfort, and although he had his glasses on in true Clark Kent fashion, there was a bit of an iffy moment with a rugby team…