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Sugar Daddy in Lagos

The issue of sugar daddy in Lagos city has become the talk of the town now. Many common cases have been associated with increased college fee, doubled rent and exaggerated cost of living. The high population has lead to little or no job opportunities for 1000s of graduates every year.
Before I proceed, let me clarify these two terms; sugar daddy and sugar baby? A sugar daddy is a wealthy man with a high profile in his early 30s or mid-50s while a sugar baby is a girl or lady or between 17-25 years dating older men for material gains.
Does this mean that all sugar babies are college students? Jane Adeko is a single mother (25 years) who wrote a testimonial on Sugar daddy in Lagos best site,, about how she met her ‘true love. ‘
She was the kind of ladies who don’t pay attention to any Sugar daddy in Lagos sites. In fact, she believed that all these were scams meant to con desperate people off their little sweat. Her previous relationship had ended in a miserable way leaving her with the responsibility of mothering a 1-year-old son.
However bad the situation was, she decided to move on with her life. Miss Adeko decided to take her chances and try what had been trending on social media and other sites offering sugar daddy in Lagos tips. Finally, helped to meet a rich, humble, handsome and God-fearing man. “The guys was so good to me until that negative feeling about sugar daddies fed away”, recalls Jane.
The relationship commenced well as both were mature enough to know what they wanted from each other. Crossed border trips were arranged every month for these lovers to build a bond a trust between them. Things got intense when Jane learned that this guy was ‘infertile’ because he was burned his manhood by his step-mother some years ago.
“The baby I thought would be a hindrance to my relationship became our cornerstone!” add Jane. Other official and traditional arrangements were made and finally the couple married in a colorful wedding and moved to London.
There are three things that Jane said she learned from her relationship that could help a sugar baby with the intention of marrying her sugar daddy in Lagos.

Sugar daddy in lagos

How to Win a Sugar Daddy in Lagos

Beauty is a basic requirement in this area. These sugar daddies want to hang out with a lady of a seductive figure or ‘freshies’ as some call it. Don’t request for money or bargain about a night out on the first day. You will look cheap. Some of these men are after serious relationships but they must first know your intentions. Be real and ready to open up on some of the things he insists on knowing.

How to Maintain a Relationship with a Sugar Daddy in Lagos

Your first impression will determine the validity of that relationship. Choose the words you speak wisely. Be the woman he wants you to be. Make it appear as a relationship and not a mutually beneficial business.

Challenges of Dating Sugar Daddy in Lagos
Dating a sugar daddy in Lagos is not all about 24/7 happiness. Some of these men are single because of some bitter backgrounds. Don’t walk out of a relationship because he ignored your call once. Show that you stand by him when he is low. Make it up to him whenever anything happens.
All the best!