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sugar daddy in german

Sugar daddy in German – What Are the Pros and the Cons?

You might think that the chances of finding a rich man in Britain is slowly decreasing, so why not look at Europe? Germany is a wonderful country whose economy is going from strength to strength, especially as unlike Britain it is safely in EU and won’t be coming out any time soon.
Okay, there are a number of problems. We in Britain don’t look Germany, with their supposed lack of sense of humour, their funny accents and insistence of winning football matches. But if you can overcome your prejudices, maybe a sugar daddy in German is a good idea.
Note that citizens of Austria and Switzerland also speak German, so it may be worth your while seeking these out too, if you have skills in the language?

Does a Sugar Daddy in German mean moving away?

Although it is possible to have a long distance romance sooner or later a decision has to be made, should you move there or should you move here? Despite missing your family and friends you might find the opportunities better in Germany, most notably Frankfurt. However if you are seeing a sugar daddy to fund your university course or get yourself on the British property ladder, a sugar daddy in German does seem like a bad idea.
A test period might be a good idea, say about six months, just to see if you want to live with your sugar daddy in German territories. It’s best to tip your toe in your water to see how you are suited as a couple as much as any other reason.

sugar daddy in german

sugar daddy in german

Conversing with a Sugar Daddy in German

Then there is the language problem, but this might not be hard to overcome as it might seem. German is very similar to English in many ways and it does give you an impetus to learn a new skill having a sugar daddy to talk to. More to the point you don’t have to speak to your sugar daddy in German, many German people do understand English and will probably go out of their way not to make you feel uncomfortable.
So there are some many great selling points for choosing a sugar daddy in German, but maybe you shouldn’t examine this too closely? It all comes down to how and your partner get on as human beings, this is the only thing that matters, whether you chose a sugar daddy in German or any other language.