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Sugar Daddy hotline

The Sugar Daddy Hotline


What we girls need is a sugar daddy hotline. An emergency number to ring when our daddy isn’t playing ball and showering us with expensive gifts. We could also use the sugar daddy hotline to let other lovely ladies know when a daddy is up for grabs. And questions on how to ensnare your sugar daddy? Ring that Sugar Daddy Hotline. They’ll have all the answers.

I can clearly see the advert for the Sugar Daddy Hotline:
Sugar Daddy worries? Ring the toll-free Sugar Daddy Hotline now. All questions answered. Advice given. Sign up to the Sugar Daddy Hotline for regular alerts in your area. We’ll let you know when a hot daddy has been spotted. Regular updates available.
I imagine it in a nice curly font. The headline would be a bold, bright pink with the other writing in different shades of pink. Maybe the dot over the “i” in hotline could be a heart? Or possibly a pouting pair of lips?

Sugar Daddy Hotline Alerts.

sugar daddy hotline

Sugar Daddy worries? Ring the toll-free Sugar Daddy Hotline now.

The hotline could be linked with an app. That way you could receive regular updates about men in the area. Straight to your phone. The Sugar Daddy Hotline would be an essential tool when hunting for a new one. It could send alerts when daddies are spotted at nightclubs or social events. Who’s been spotted at fashion week or the polo? Which restaurant were they seen at? What were they eating? Did they drip sauce down their chin? You could also enter the details of what you’re looking for and the app could match you up with the daddy of your dreams. It would take a lot of the trial and error out of the process.

Sugar Daddy Hotline for keeping tabs on your man.

The bonus of having a Sugar Daddy Hotline and an app would be that you could see if your daddy was behaving. The app would have reports of all daddies spotted out and about, who they were with and what they were up to. Easy to see if yours is where he should be and with who he should be with. It’s always a good idea to be able to keep tabs on your man and an app would be so much classier than stalking.

The Sugar Daddy Hotline would tick so many boxes and make the whole sugar daddy scene easier to navigate. It could list their net worth and grade them on performance. It could also hold a database of their individual preferences so you know what you’re getting. All in all, it would be a welcome addition to the dating world and should really be properly considered as a business proposition.