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sugar daddy hosta

Sugar daddy hosta slang definition.

Sugar daddy hosta? First, we need to be clear what we are talking about here. Otherwise, it could all get very confusing. Are we discussing plant life or penis slang?

If we’re going for the slang definition then a discussion of a sugar daddy hosta is a discussion on which way his penis hangs. My sugar daddy hosta to the left. Really? My preference is for sugar daddy hosta to the right. Well, I don’t care about left or right. I want my sugar daddy hosta straight up! In all honesty, it’s not something I, or anyone I know, have given much thought to.

sugar daddy hosta

sugar daddy hosta

I’m pretty sure the way your daddy hangs is a personal matter between him and his tailor. The direction of hosta, as long as the straight up function works, is immaterial to most of us. The other definition of sugar daddy hosta is more important for us to understand.

The shy and retiring sugar daddy hosta.

It can be easy to think of all sugar daddies as being bold, brash, fun-loving creatures. Men who love the limelight and seek out the sun. But, that doesn’t apply to all the daddies you may meet. Many are privacy loving, seeking respite from the glare of the lights or the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. These men are like hostas; shade-loving plants that are all about the foliage. Hosta men are reserved, sensitive souls without the colourful trappings that many men adorn themselves with. Instead of bright flowers, hostas are about the greenery. You need to look beyond the understated exterior to the promise and luxury offered by the lushness and size of their leaves. Hosta men are about restrained style. They do not drown themselves in booze or let the bling dazzle everyone in sight

Respect the sugar daddy hosta.

If your man is one of these types of guy, respect him. Treat him with care. There is no point dragging him out of the shade or drowning him with champagne. This will only lead to the rot setting in and him retreating even more to the sidelines. Most hostas are happy to let you dazzle and do the sun chasing for them, whilst they sit to the side and watch. But this doesn’t mean you should underestimate the sugar daddy hosta. These men can be just as powerful as the more attention seeking ones. They can make just a big a statement with their pared down style as the flashy eye-catching daddies.

Many things like a nibble at the tasty sugar daddy hosta. Don’t be lulled by his reserved nature. You still have to watch for slugs trying to take a bite.