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Sugar Daddy Headline – Find a Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy headline – The truth

You may have seen me mentioned in the press recently and I wish to use this blog to address a number of the issues brought up in one sugar daddy headline or another. The Sugar Daddy Headline rich man dumps wife for sugar babe – this is just not true at all. I had been divorced for five years and my wife left me to run off with half of my money and our personal trainer! Why is it always the guy who gets it in the neck here?

Sugar Daddy Headline

The Sugar Daddy Headline: Sugar Daddy dates girl younger than his daughter

Okay… I’ll put my hands up to this one. I am 57 years old and my youngest child is 22. My sugar babe is 21. There are only a few months in it but it is true.
The Sugar Daddy Headline: Sugar daddy showers his babe with presents worth millions.
First of all Dollars, Euros or Pounds? I suppose there isn’t a huge difference in this day and age. This is untrue. I asked my accountant and when you add up the horse, the jewellery, the car and the other bits and bobs it only comes to £908,000 hardly ‘millions’.

The Sugar Daddy Headline: Sugar Daddy ignores daughter in favour of sugar babe

Who writes this rubbish? My daughter and I get on fine. We did blank each other at Paris Fashion Week and yes I was with my date but she was with hers. We made an agreement many years ago that neither of us would speak to each other when we are out on dates. This isn’t for any sinister reason but purely because I tend to get on really well with her sugar daddy dates and she gets on with my sugar babes. Before we had the rule we had a couple of occasions where we both set off on romantic dates and ended the night having had a great laugh through spending a lot of time with each other’s date!

The Sugar Daddy Headline: Sugar daddy breaks hip in sex romp

I am 57 not 87! I am not going to break my hip in bed no matter how energetic the sex is. This sort of headline really annoys me and it is sloppy journalism. I did break my hip with a sugar date but we were ski jumping at the time.