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Sugar Daddy goals meme

What is the Sugar Daddy Goals meme?


“Memes” are internet fads involving a quote, image or set of images that become popular and are shared virally across the Web, often with modifications. Images captioned with text — more accurately described as image macros — are often referred to as memes. One example is the Sugar Daddy Goals meme.

Sugar Daddy Goals meme: origins


sugar daddy goals meme

sugar daddy goals meme

Being a sugar baby, supported and spoiled by a lover, is a fantasy for many young women in today’s precarious economy. The stereotypical sugar daddy is not necessarily an appealing prospect, however. Many would-be sugar babies are deterred by the realities of dating someone older than they are. Wouldn’t it be even better if your sugar daddy wasn’t just rich, but cute as well? Originating on image sharing sites such as 9Gag and Imgur, the Sugar Daddy Goals meme is a set of pictures showing a handsome older man and his sugar baby, surrounded by the trappings of luxury. The underlying message of the sugar daddy goals meme is that this man would be the ideal sugar daddy — wealthy, attractive, fun-loving and good-humoured, rather than dull and decrepit. He is presented as the goal for an aspiring sugar baby.

The Sugar Daddy Goals meme guy


The typical sugar daddy goals meme guy is mature but muscular, breathtakingly handsome, and clearly in good physical health. He’s usually, but not always, grey-haired; this emphasises his maturity. A Sugar Daddy Goals meme will usually consist of three or four images of the sugar daddy and sugar baby engaged in fun activities, in a setting that emphasises how well off the sugar daddy goals meme guy is. Tropical beaches, upscale holiday resorts, swimming pools and yachts feature heavily. When girls appear in the picture, they are well-dressed and adorned with jewellery.

Sometimes the sugar daddy goals meme features a celebrity known to date or socialise with younger women, such as Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney. In most cases, though, he’s simply a successful older man who has kept himself in good shape and who happens to enjoy the company of younger women.