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Sugar Daddy first date tips

Sugar Daddy first date tips – get the outfit right

There is nothing more nerve wracking than going on that all-important first date with your Sugar Daddy. The first date is all about testing the waters and seeing if you really are compatible. It is about getting to know each other. The first date is important and below we share with you some top Sugar Daddy first date tips.

First impressions really do matter and so you need to get the look absolutely spot on. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress, with a slightly plunging neckline, but keep the hemline just above the knee, you don’t want a dress that is too revealing. Don’t be too heavy on the make-up, as your potential Sugar Daddy will want to see the real you, and don’t forget to wear those killer heels as they will make your legs look and feel fabulous. As with all of our Sugar Daddy first date tips, you need to feel comfortable and in control.

Sugar Daddy first date tips – the art of conversation

Sugar Daddy first date tips

Sugar Daddy first date tips

The first date can seem a little awkward, as sometimes it can be difficult to know what to talk abut, so this is where you need to do your research. Find out as much as you can about your Sugar Daddy. Where he works, who is friends are and where he likes to go on holiday. This will give you that much needed boost of confidence that will help you to steer the conversation forward and avoid those awkward silences. It is important to remember to take your lead from him, listen and be interested in what he has to say.

Sugar Daddy first date tips – what to eat

This very much depends on where he takes you, so for example a Chinese restaurant or Italian hideaway. However, what we cannot stress enough with our Sugar Daddy first date tips, is that you need to feel comfortable, so choose a dish that you are familiar with and that you know you will like. Once again, do your research when he tells you where he is taking you, so that you can plan ahead. If it is a complete surprise, then allow him to choose the food for you.

The last of our Sugar Daddy first date tips is to simply enjoy the first date. Flirt, drink wine and enjoy his company. There is no point in worrying or overanalysing the situation. Take it for what it is and simply enjoy his company.

We hope that you have found our Sugar Daddy first date tips helpful.