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Sugar Daddy Desired Arrangement

Sugar daddy desired arrangement explained

So what exactly would be in a sugar daddy desired arrangement? In fact what is a sugar daddy desired arrangement? This post will answer these two questions, and give you a few hints and tips, to getting exactly what you desire. Read on to find out more if you are the sugar daddy, or sugar baby, or are basically just being a bit nosy into this lifestyle.


Sugar daddy desired arrangement – what exactly is that?


Just in case everybody reading doesn’t know, a sugar daddy is a richer older man, who searches for a sugar baby, to pay time and attention to. It is also well known that a sugar daddy likes to lavish the sugar baby, in terms of taking them on dates, perhaps luxury travel, and gifts or money, in the form of an allowance.


What would be in a sugar daddy desired arrangement?


Sugar Daddy Desired Arrangement

Sugar Daddy Desired Arrangement

A whole host of things will be considered and contained, in a sugar daddy desired arrangement. First and foremost perhaps, is how often you will meet. This is important, as both sugar daddy and sugar baby need to be on the same page. Almost as important is where? Will it include travel? There are so many places you could meet, and travel may be a luxury part of this lifestyle.

Sex will inevitably come up, as with all relationships. Some sugar daddies may just be simply looking for companionship, but many will want a relationship. As the arrangement is agreed by both sugar daddy and sugar baby, both people can request what they like.

Also the topic of an allowance should be bought up. This could be in the form of gifts or money, and is up to both of you to decide.


A list of considerations, before making your sugar daddy desired arrangement


  • Be confident in what you desire!
  • Get comfortable talking about everything including money and sex.
  • Really think about what you want from your sugar daddy / sugar baby.
  • Talk to other sugar daddies or babies about their arrangements.
  • If you want something changed, then always say it!
  • Have fun as it is a unique way of dating.


Conclusion: The ideal sugar daddy arrangement


So, in conclusion, what do we know is key to a sugar daddy desired arrangement? We know that a sugar daddy desired arrangement has benefits for both sugar daddy, and the sugar baby. We also know that the sugar daddy desired arrangement, is one that is personal to each couple.

The main thing to remember is that every sugar daddy arrangement will contain luxury and fun!