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a sugar daddy definition

a sugar daddy definition May I have a sugar daddy definition?

My best friend is going through some life trauma! It all started when the dust settled from her break up. Serious boyfriend number three was, in her words, hot, loaded and experienced. It turned out after the split and after we consumed our second bottle of Chardonnay that he was actually, cold, fake and immature. It was then we started talking about our ideal partners, what we expect from a partner, our wants and needs. “A girl wants to feel secure, loved and special” we agreed.

a sugar daddy definition

a sugar daddy definition

I just want me a sugar daddy!

We were eating now, pizza, garlic bread and spicy chicken wings. Things were getting serious. “OK” said Louise, ” I am giving up on men, tired of wasting time on them, they are all just kids”

So, give me a sugar daddy definition then.

It was then that we had one of those bizarre moments when you both have the same thought at the same time. “What about a sugar daddy”, we both cried out at once. We sat down and chewed over the implications of our thoughts, while we chewed over the bones of our chicken wings. “Isn’t a sugar daddy someone who will pay for stuff and be mature about things, I mean is that someone who I could settle down with?” Louise was considering her options. “I mean what if he has kids, he may not want to settle or have another family?” We cracked open the screw top on another bottle. “Who said anything about settling down just show me the money!?” We both burst into fits of laughter and rolled about on the floor kicking our feet in the air. We were really having a hoot now!