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Sugar Daddy Dating USA

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 1- Howdy! How y’all doing?

I’m terribly sorry. I make an awful American. I am American, British too but for now mostly American. I was brought up in Britain but it is in the USA where my businesses really took off so I moved here and became a Yank.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 2
One thing I noticed over here is the girls. I grew up in the UK where cynicism is part of the language. Hot girls are ruined with negativity and self-loathing. Since moving here years and years ago I have come to really love American girls.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 3

I love the fact that as well as being endlessly positive American girls care so much about their appearance. Cheerleaders work hard to have the best bodies and they look after their skin too. I started sugar dating about 5 years ago and I really don’t know why I didn’t do it before.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 4
The world is filled with so many perfect bodied, intelligent, positive and self-assured young women. I have dated several of these girls and I am paying for a few of them to go through college. These women feel no shame in using their dates with me as a means to an end which is brilliant as I view the dates in the same way.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 5 is an amazing site and I am sorry to say that for me in America it is like being a kid in a candy store. So much choice. So many delicious offerings. So tasty. When I was a kid I was poor and I’d look wistfully at sweet shops. Now I am rich I can buy any sweets I want; but my tastes have changed.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 6
I decided to try young ladies of different ages. After a while I realised my type pretty much were the athletic 6 foot plus blonde girls with amazing bodies. I want a pneumatic girl who can bounce several feet in the air and lift me up. Regardless of their age I have found that it is simply this type that makes my life complete.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 7
I have found that 19 year old girls are a little more work than those in their mid 20s but sometimes the work is worth it. The pertness, the tautness and the freshness of these young ladies has to be seen and tasted to be believed.

Sugar Daddy Dating USA – Part 8
I love sugar dating hot American girls and I find their positive outlooks and incredible bodies keep me young too!