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Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review

Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review – Who am I?

Who am I to give a Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review? That is a very good question and the answer is relatively easy to give. I can give a Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review because I have been sugar dating in the UK for over a decade now. I am now in my early 60s and exceedingly rich. I never married but I have dated extensively my whole life. Over ten years ago I realised that I couldn’t stand women my own age and I started to sugar date.

Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review

Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review – What is sugar dating?

I supposed I had better start my Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review by explaining what a sugar date is. There are many beautiful young ladies out there who are not turned on my boys their own age but by real men. Real men, in this context, means men in their 40s and above who are incredibly rich and successful. Sugar dating is when these young ladies meet up with older rich chaps like me.

Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review – The past

I cannot emphasis how hard it was to sugar date just a few years ago. Hotels are filled with escorts or gold diggers and all the places I socialise are filled with people my age. I know that ‘gold digger’ may seem an odd expression in this context but trust me it is correct. I do splash a lot of cash on my sugar dates but this is because I want to and it gives me pleasure to do so. My sugar dates meet me because they love being with men like me; the presents are a bonus. Gold diggers just want to date for the money. It was terrible.

Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review – The present

I suppose I’d better get on with my Sugar Daddy Dating UK Review. The review is simple; the dating scene is terrible and the web is full of crooks out to con you! I’ve been fleeced so many times that it is silly UNTIL I found! This website is incredible and it changed my life. I have dated gorgeous girls from all over the UK and I have never been disappointed. The site checks both of our identities and we can chat away before meeting. The ladies I have sugar dated have been stunning, sexy and sensual. I have enjoyed every single date. My review is really quite straightforward: If you want to sugar date in the UK do not even consider it unless you use It just is too risky otherwise.