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Sugar Daddy dating experience

Sugar Daddy Dating Experience and what changed


The sugar daddy dating experience is not a new phenomenon. It started a long time ago and was probably occurring long before recording history was even thought of. Even in Ancient Rome powerful older men were consorting with nubile younger women. As I’ve noted before, power and beauty gravitate towards each other. And it seems to be a universal fact that power and wealth belong to older men, and beauty belongs to younger women. If life was a game of one-upmanship, the sugar daddy dating experience would gain both parties a lot of points, points that lead to increased status and envy from your peers. You can’t get away from the fact that dating a younger woman is most definitely seen as a status symbol for men by everyone.

sugar daddy dating experience

sugar daddy dating experience

I often get asked what the sugar daddy dating experience is like. But that’s a very hard, almost impossible, question to answer. It is very subjective and my experiences won’t reflect other experiences. And other people’s experiences aren’t likely to reflect mine. For some people, it’s fantastic, and for others, not something they would repeat. There is no standard sugar daddy dating experience. It varies for each couple. Although there are some points that probably offer common ground, there are too many variations to give a one size fits all description. So, to give you an insight into this world, I have compiled a collection of stories from various women about their experiences of dating rich men. Some of the stories have a historic slant, narrated from ladies who were on the social scene many years ago. The oldest lady I interviewed is now well into her 80s. Others are more contemporary. But all the tales give an insight into the sugar daddy dating experience. And hopefully, each of the stories will have some points that are interesting to you, points that will help you as you navigate the world of the sugar daddies.

The Sugar Daddy Dating Experience a Few Decades Ago.

Enid, a glamorous and well-groomed eighty-something remembers well her sugar daddy dating experience, or rather, experiences. “It may have been a long time ago,” she points out, smoothing her powdered cheek, “but I remember it like it was yesterday.” Enid’s hay day was in the 50s and 60s and she led the glamorous life of an international globetrotter, holidaying in Canne and Monte Carlo. Her memories of the time are of a suave sophistication that permeated the lifestyle; she describes the sugar daddies as belonging to a different era and having old-fashioned values. “They were gentlemen” she recalls fondly. “You’ve got to remember that many of them had been through the war and had had awful, awful, experiences. They wanted to be surrounded by softness and beauty. They wanted to forget things. There was an escapism in running to the sun, sipping martinis on a yacht and showering their women with beautiful things.”

sugar daddy dating experience

sugar daddy dating experience – the life of a sugar girl

Move on a couple of decades or so, and the sugar daddy dating experience had transformed into a very different kettle of fish. Meryl, who spent the late 70s partying at Studio 54, points out that a substance-fuelled culture drove much of the partying of the rich and famous at that time, particularly in New York. She can be seen in many of the photographs of those infamous parties, her body sometimes completely covered in gold or azure blue paint.

Meryl hazily remembers the New Year’s Eve when glitter thickly carpeted the floor and made her feel like she was walking through fairy dust, through a fantasy landscape; “There was a girl on ballet points” she sighs, her eyes misting at the memory, “pirouetting in the middle of the glitter. It was all billowing around her… so beautiful!”. And the night Bianca Jagger rode in on a huge white horse. “It shat right in the middle of the floor”, she laughs, “and some dude in stacked heels went skidding right through it!” She says that the sugar daddy dating experience was more frenetic and hedonistic in that era. “There were a lot of drugs about. Everyone was doing it and everyone partied hard and tried to shock.” She adds, “it was all such a long time ago. We all had a hard time remembering what had happened when we woke up the following day. We were all so wasted, forget about trying to remember several decades later!”

Talking to Meryl is fascinating and exciting in equal measure, giving an insight into a long gone world. Her walls are lined with pictures documenting her sugar daddy dating experience. In them, she is hanging on the arms of the movers and shakers of the 70s. She points to each one, detailing the gifts they gave her, and the places she went with them. A diamond ring here, island hopping on a private yacht there. She says the photos help her remember. That the drugs resulted in memory loss and that the decade blurs into one huge party and holiday. “All I remember is that the drugs and the money flowed like water. It was like money didn’t really exist, didn’t really mean anything. Everything was just there for the taking.” She points her finger at an image of herself hanging on the arm of a tall man with a shock of white hair; “I dated him for nearly six months. Barely remember a day of it! He did make me this, though”. She points a freshly manicured finger at a colourful screen-printed portrait of a young Meryl inscribed, “To M, love ya baby, A”. “I can’t actually remember his name, though. Is that bad?”

sugar daddy dating experience

sugar daddy dating experience – you know what you want

The Sugar Daddy Dating Experience Hits a Rough Patch.


Hard though it may be to believe, the sugar daddy dating experience wasn’t always hedonistic and sun-drenched. Sometimes disaster hits and even the wealthy can’t run and hide. This is precisely what happened in 1987 with the stock exchange crash. Fortunes were wiped out in seconds and kingdoms came tumbling down. Ripples and aftershocks were felt throughout the world for a long time. Patty, a stunning brunette, recalls this time with a wry look. She stretches, points her toes, to draw attention to her long legs and feet shod in Manolos, before embarking on her tale. “It was awful” she recalls. “Fortunes were wiped out in seconds. Lots of us girls had to give back the rocks we’d been given. They were the only things of value people had left. Some of the girls legged it, taking their baubles with them. Others stuck around”.

The picture Patty paints is a bleak one, and a stark reminder not to take anything, or anyone, for granted. As she points out, “It can be gone in a flash of an eye.” Patty advises taking out insurance against things going belly-up with your sugar daddy. She thinks Marilyn Monroe had it right, that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and that you shouldn’t be too hasty in giving them back. “Give back a little” Patty suggests. “It’s always best to keep people sweet, and you never know when fortunes will change again.” She then sagely points out, “but make sure you always keep a little something for a rainy day. You need back-up if your meal tickets run dry.”

sugar daddy dating experience

sugar daddy dating experience

Patty’s “little something” was possibly more practical than diamonds. Her sugar daddy loved flying. He was a weekend pilot with a fleet of aeroplanes at his disposal. He shared his knowledge and love of flight with Patty, resulting in her gaining her Pilots Licence whilst dating him. The lessons were a birthday present from him. She found that after the financial crash she had enough contacts and knowledge to build herself a very profitable business. When asked if she misses the sugar daddy dating experience she shakes her head. “I loved it and had a lot of fun”, she says “but I like being master of my own destiny.” Patty points in the general direction of the city. “Out there I jumped to other people’s tunes.” She points to the sky. “Up there I control everything, and I like that.”

The Revival of the Sugar Daddy Dating Experience.


The financial crash affected a lot of things, not least the sugar daddy dating experience. Many people reassessed where they were and what they were doing, and for some time there wasn’t much sugar around. What there was, was kept close and spending on jewellery and parties slowed down. Of course, there is always the exception that proves the rule, and some people decided to brazen out the storm. In all the major cities, small cliques of the wealthy acted as if nothing had changed. Cynthia describes it as an unstable time. The sugar daddy dating experience had almost been pushed underground, and the flamboyant decadence of past partying seemed a long time ago. “People tried to hide their wealth” she said, “it seemed unseemly to be galavanting and drinking champagne when people had lost so much.” She points in the general direction of the city. “People died because they lost their money. It’s hard to have fun when that’s happened. It’s hard to have fun when people are missing from the party because they couldn’t bear to go on.”

But slowly and surely things began to return to normal and the sugar daddy dating experience soon found traction again. Older men found beautiful women to remind them that they actually were immortal and that what had hurt their peers wouldn’t touch them. They were rich! They were Gods! They had the Midas Touch! And they had the beautiful woman on their arm that points this out to all around them.

sugar daddy dating experience

sugar daddy dating experience

The re-emergence of the sugar daddy dating experience after such extreme financial and personal tragedy points to the hardiness of the human spirit. The desire to always move forward is strong and there’s nothing a bit of shopping and partying can’t help you forget. The sugar daddy dating experience is once again going from strength to strength and everything points to this continuing. Disasters may come and go, but the sugar daddy dating experience is strong enough to weather them all. The cream will always rise to the surface and that’s certainly true with the wealthy of the world.

Olivia says the sugar daddy dating experience didn’t stay subdued for long. “Spending money makes people feel better,” she says, “it creates a buffer from the real world. Although we all went underground for a while it really didn’t take long before the bling started bouncing back, bigger and brighter than ever.”

The sugar daddy dating experience seems to have settled back into its natural rhythm. It’s no longer about damaged men seeking an escape, or about a hedonistic, over the top lifestyle, or about recovering from a disaster. It is now about enjoying what you have when you have it and making room for the good things in life. People, rich and poor or somewhere in the middle, enjoy things more when they have someone to share it with. And if that someone is rich and powerful and generous or young and beautiful, then so much the better.

I hope these stories give you food for thought, something to get your teeth into. The world of the sugar daddy dating experience is more complicated than many peope give it credit for. Along with the highs come some mighty lows and you need to be prepared to ride them all. It’s fine if you’re just in it for the good times. Just know what you want and what your get out plan is. It’s also fine if you’re in for the long haul. But be prepared to weather the extremes that dating a wealthy older man can throw in your direction. Remember the worst that can happen isn’t being thrown over for a glossier model. Live life, have fun, spend the money but be hardy enough and savvy enough to roll with the punches and come out fighting.