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Sugar Daddy cologne – get it now

Sugar Daddy Cologne: the perfume

Have you ever heard of a perfume that flirts? If not, you don’t know anything about the new miracle of Sugar Daddy Cologne. We are speaking about Sexual Sugar Daddy Cologne by Michel Germain, an explosive mixture you need when you date someone. It is definitely great with its main accords of cinnamon, leather, tobacco, warm spicy and sweet. Apart from all these ingredients, this perfume is not an ordinary perfume as it is infused with aphrodisiacs that make you irresistible when you wear it and nobody will resist you anymore.

Sugar Daddy cologne

Sugar Daddy cologne

Sugar Daddy Cologne: a triumph of sensuality

Michel Germain affirms that when you are close to a person, s/he can avoid kissing and hugging you and if it won’t work, your money will be refunded. Sexual Sugar Daddy Cologne contains a splash of crystallized grapefruit zest along with the aroma of delicious cinnamon. You can smell a leather note that is absolutely sexy and a note of tobacco that evokes very sensual atmosphere. Tobacco is a key element in this cologne because it is great both for women and man. It reminds of great places like Cuba or South America where the warm weather and wonderful beaches are perfect to have an unforgettable adventure and a date you can’t even dare to dream about. You will also notice a note of caramelized pralines mixed with a touch of leather, a very important detail that evokes some elements linked to a special kind of lingerie and sexual tools.

Sugar Daddy Cologne is for everybody

This cologne is both for men and women and it comes in two different bottles. They have the same shape but different colours: pink for women and black for men. Women find it so sexy because when you put it, you can smell sweet toffee and Cotton Candy but when it dries down cinnamon and leather notes come out. The smell lasts long time, about 2 hours with just two sprays but this depends on the kind of skin: it can lasts even 6 hours! Sugar Daddy Cologne is just amazing and nobody can resist to its wonderful smell so don’t forget to buy Sugar Daddy Cologne before your next date: it will help to inspire in your partner a very pleasant reaction…