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sugar daddy candy

Sugar Daddy candy bars are for everyone

If you have a sweet tooth, then one of the most well loved candy bars in the world is Sugar Daddy candy. This iconic candy bar is made by the U.S sweet manufacturing company, Tootsie Roll Industries. This candy bar is made for children with a sweet tooth and is just the right size for kittle hands. It is also made on a handy stick, to create a special sweet treat. Below we explain the story behind this much loved candy bar and how it is available today.

The invention of Sugar Daddy candy

sugar daddy candy

sugar daddy candy

Sugar Daddy candy was invented by Robert Welch, a travelling salesman, way back in 1925. His brother owned the famous James O. Welch Company that he founded in 1927. Originally Sugar Daddy candy was known as Papa Sucker, but was later changed to the more appropriate tile of Sugardaddy candy in 1932. It was three years later, in 1935, that the now famous Sugar Babies were launched. The candy bar known as Sugar Mamma was also made between the years 1965 to 1980, but sadly proved to be less popular.

Sugar Daddy candy today

Sugardaddy candy today has gone from strength to strength and is just as popular as ever before. This candy is a hard caramelised sweet that both children and adults adore. As America’s oldest candy bar, nothing much has changed with regards to the original recipe. It is still a luscious milk caramel candy bar that is covered with a non stick wrapper. Today, Sugardaddy candy is available in two handy sizes. The junior Sugardaddy candy bar has only 53 kcal, while the largest version has 200 kcal. They also make a special 1 Lb version that is perfect for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Sugar Daddy candy gifts

What is so very exciting is that the Tootsie online shop has a Sugardaddy candy shop. It is here that customers can buy Sugar Daddy merchandise such as tee shirts, bags and even notebooks. So for those special people in your life who just love their Sugar Daddy candy, there will always be something to get them for their birthday or other special occasion in their life.