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my sugar daddy bought me a house

My sugar daddy bought me a house – A great villa for the sugarbaby

This is the true story of how my sugar daddy bought me a house! It all began about 5 years ago when I went online looking for some dating fun with men. I wasn’t initially looking for rich men or men who were necessarily older and just wanted to have some dating fun. However, a friend told me that rich men treat your better! So, I decided to join the site in the hope of meeting a nice rich gentleman and start dating him. Little did I know that within a short time I’d be telling people about how my sugar daddy bought me a house!!

The first sugar daddy to write to me was a man named Benny. He was about 18 years older than me but I quite like older men, so his age really wasn’t a problem. His photos looked good and he clearly had a luxury lifestyle with pictures on his site profile of him on a yacht in the Bahamas and at a villa in the South of France. After exchanging a few emails, I decided to meet Benny. Our first date went magically well and soon we were dating regularly and hitting it off a treat.

Benny was tall and well-dressed, just as you’d expect from a rich man who leads a luxury lifestyle. I told my best friend about him and she was rather envious. She told me that the way things were going, soon I’d be telling her that my sugar daddy bought me a house. I didn’t really believe this.”My sugar daddy bought me a house?” I said, mockingly. “Yeah right, he’d have to be a very, very rich man and exceptionally generous to do that!”. My best friend shrugged and said, “We’ll see!”. Not wanting to get into an argument with her, I decided to drop the subject and wait and see for myself how things would turn out for Benny and me.

After Benny and I had been dating for about 6 months, I stopped actively looking on the dating site for a rich man as I’d decided he was the one for me. After all, we were having so much fun! He was generous and kind and I’d fallen in love with the luxury lifestyle he was treating me to. Benny would take me away to exotic places and we’d stay in 5-star hotels, eat at the best restaurants, go to shows and enjoy wonderful spa days. In fact, we were living like celebrities. It all seemed so good that I began to see the possibility of how I might have to explain to my friends back home how my sugar daddy bought me a house! Could this really be the next treat on Benny’s list?


The dream of the sugarbaby

I had a small house already, but I’d always dreamed of owning a place on the Cote d’Azur. I encouraged Benny to take me there for a holiday and, while we were out for a walk, we started browsing the estate agents’ windows and looking at properties. I commented on how lovely some of the luxury properties were and said that someone would have to be very rich to afford one. Benny said, “Well my darling, you met me on a site for very rich men. So, if anyone is going to buy a house like that, it would be me!”

I gasped in excitement, pointing at my favourite property in the window. “Shall we go and have a look at that one, Benny?” I bravely. Suddenly, I was one step closer to my dream of being able to say my sugar daddy bought me a house! I felt so happy I’d joined the site and everything was working out perfectly for me in life.

Benny and I made an appointment to go and see the house I liked. It was a blistering hot day and the swimming pool in the garden sparkled in the hot sunshine. Plam trees swayed in the gentle Mediterranean breeze as we strolled around the spacious and immaculately kept gardens. I mused over whether Benny really was rich enough to buy a property like this and if he’d be prepared to put his money where his mouth was?

Inside the property certainly didn’t disappoint. Everything was done out in marble with cream decor and an incredible 3 ensuite bedrooms. I’d be able to invite my friend and family to stay if my sugar daddy bought me a house like this. There was a large lounge/diner and a fully-equipped kitchen to die for. I kept repeating to myself “my sugar daddy bought me a house, my sugar daddy bought me a house”. Over and over again I said it, like a mantra, willing the words to come true.

Benny could tell I’d fallen in love with the property. “What do you think?” He asked.
“It’s amazing!” I replied. “So,” he said, “You won’t stop dating me if I buy you this house?” I was shocked. “Stop dating you? Never in a million years would I do that Benny!”. I looked at his face and it had my sugar daddy bought me a house written all over it. It was as if I could read him like a book.

Sure enough, a few weeks later, Benny signed the cheque for several million euros and the dream house was mine. I felt like sending a telegram to my best friend back in the UK telling her that she was right and that my sugar daddy bought me a house. However, as the only person to send telegrams these days is the Queen, I settled for sending a text instead. It read like this: “Hey Shona. Remember that rich man I met on the sugar daddy site a few months ago? Well, you were right! My sugar daddy bought me a house!” I could picture the glee and envy on her face. What would she give to be able to say “my sugar daddy bought me a house” just like I could?

The rest of our holiday on the Cote d’Azur flew by and soon I was picking up the keys to my dream house. I hadn’t yet decided whether to live there full-time or not. In actual fact, I was still in shock that my sugar daddy bought me a house. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that signing up for a dating site could be such a fabulous experience. Surely this luxury lifestyle I was embarking on was a fairy tale? I pinched myself hard and repeated my mantra over a few times just to make sure it was true: my sugar daddy bought me a house, my sugar daddy bought me a house!

You’re probably wondering how everything turned out for Benny and me? Well, after my sugar daddy bought me a house, he continued to treat me well and shower me with luxury presents and holidays. I’m now living the dream! Both Benny and I had got an excellent deal from the sugar daddy dating site we’d joined. He’d won the heart of a pretty lady and I’d got myself a rich man and could now finally say that my sugar daddy bought me a house.

The only difficulty I had was explaining my good fortune to all my friends and family. Clearly, they were as gobsmacked as I was about it all. When I told them my sugar daddy bought me a house, they were incredulous. My parents said that nobody could say “my sugar daddy bought me a house” without having to give the sugar daddy something they didn;t want to give in return. I knew they said this because they’re from a different generation and are more skeptical about an online dating site for sugar daddies and sugar babes. However, in time, they came round and started to accept the fact that my sugar daddy bought me a house. Also, they met Benny and really took a shine to him!

In a world where there are so many failed relationships and unhappiness, I feel so fortunate to have met Benny online. Of course, the fact that my sugar daddy bought me a house is not the be all and end all to our relationship. But it has certainly helped me to feel more secure in life and I take it as a sincere token of Benny’s affections towards me.

The message I’d like to give to other girls who’d love to be able to say my sugar daddy bought me a house is to never give up hope of meeting your dream sugar daddy. An online dating site like is a great place to have fun and meet rich men. You don’t have to plump for just one man like I did. Why not play the field and enjoy your time on the site? Furthermore, have faith that your dreams really can come true. You really could meet the right man and be able to say my sugar daddy bought me a house, just like I can.

I’m a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, you’ll get it. If you want to be able to say my sugar daddy bought me a house, believe in your dream and work hard on your sugar daddy relationship to turn that dream into a reality. My final piece of advice is to have a sugar daddy mantra. When you really want something to happen with your sugar daddy, turn that want or desire into a mantra and say it over and over to yourself several times a day. For example, in the morning when you wake up and at night when you go to sleep. If you want a luxury house, make your mantra “My sugar daddy bought me a house, my sugar daddy bought me a house. Say it twice for reinforcement and don’t ever give up on fulfilling your dream. Your sugar daddy is waiting just around the corner with open arms!