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Sugar Daddy Barber

What is a Sugar Daddy Barber?

A sugar daddy barber is a specialist barber who is able to professionally cut and style the hair of very wealthy men. A sugar daddy barber is not like an ordinary barber and has to possess the right personality and flair to engage the top sugar daddies in the UK who, apart from needing a hair cut, want to engage in appropriate banter for their class. A sugar daddy barber is likely to know celebrities and very rich men who may request that hair cuts be carried out at their homes rather than travelling to a salon. To find the right sugar daddy barber for your sugar daddy, please read reviews on the top Central London barbers with established shops in prominent areas of London or similar Sugar Daddy barbers throughout the UK. The best barbers get to know what their customers want and learn how to compliment their style with appropriate cuts.

What Does it Take to Be a Sugar Daddy Barber?


sugar daddy barber

sugar daddy barber

A sugar daddy barber needs skill and panache. He should be able to work at an adequate speed while maintaining quality, for when a sugar daddy is in a hurry to meet his sugar baby, and slow down when his client is just chilled and ready to have a more relaxed experience. They should be proficient in the use of a cut throat razor (can’t believe they call them that) to deliver a classic shave, leaving the face smooth and the skin supple. They should also possess the ability to perform facial massages for when high class businessmen need to relax following a cut, style and hot towel shave.

Effects of Not using a Sugar Daddy Barber

Those who do not use proper sugar daddy barbers run the risk of losing their sugar daddy status totally in terms of social standing, since being a sugar daddy involves maintaining a classic haircut and perfect shave or planned stubble. Over grown beards and wiry hair styles just won’t cut it for any self respecting sugar daddy. Without a sugar daddy barber the dude just becomes a wanna-be sugar daddy with no style or appeal. They could become unattractive to the top sugar babies who only want to be associated with glamour and the good life full of style, high fashion and the presence of a sophisticated sugar daddy in their lives. For sugar babies looking for stylish sugar daddies who have not being subjected to barbers of lesser abilities, just browse the profiles of sugar daddies on dating sites such as These sugar daddy sites feature high quality images where you can make sure your chosen sugar daddy does not suffer from perpetual bad-hair days.