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Sugar Daddy Arrangements

When you have found your ideal sugar daddy how do you negotiate the terms of your sugar daddy arrangements?

This is probably the most delicate part of dating in this environment; sugar daddy arrangements. This needs to be treated carefully, you don’t want to list your terms in a contract when you are first approached by a sugar daddy, which is normally done via email or personal message. Imagine what the sugar daddy would think if you replied to his message with the following, “Thank you for your message. My sugar daddy arrangements contract is attached but in brief; the first date will be at the most expensive restaurant in the city, there will be no touching.

If following this date I have decided that you are suitable, the next requirement from you will be a shopping trip with a budget of no less than 5000 dollars. If these sugar daddy arrangements are acceptable please sign the contract and return via courier.” This approach might not go down to well. For sure you need to have an idea of what you want out of it and what it acceptable to you and what is not but I think a more nuanced approach is crucial as first impressions are everything.

Sugar Daddy Arrangements

So you have been dating for a while but you are not getting what you want out of your sugar daddy arrangements, what do you do?

You have had a few dinner dates and your sugar daddy arrangements are going well, it seems, but what do you do to move on to the next stage in your sugar daddy arrangments? Relationships develop at different speeds, sometimes things evolve very quickly, at others they stagnate and something is required to give the situation a bit of a zing. Why not suggest a trip away, or day doing something neither of you have done before, like sky-diving or clay-pigeon shooting? A change of pace may be all that you need to move on to the next stage in your sugar daddy arrangements.

What to do when you have decided that these sugar daddy arrangements are not what you want?

After many dates and shopping trips and experience days out you are getting on but the sugar daddy arrangements are not what you think they should be. Maybe if the financial incentive was better they would. Why not be bold, by this time you know each other quite well and there comes a time in relationships where if one side is feeling let down a new approach is required, and after all the guy would not have registered on a sugar daddy dating site without knowing what this entails. If there is something in your life that you need money just come out and say it? What have you got to loose?